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Oct. 27, 2006

AF courtesies: Time to face music

Perhaps you have been on your lunch break and heard the playing of the Air Force Song. You have probably wondered if you should do anything to pay your respects and even seen others wandering about not paying attention to the music. If this is the case, then read on. Most of us know that Air Force protocol requires its members to stand at attention

Sept. 29, 2006

‘Mentorship’ is not a buzzword

Team, As new terms are introduced into our Air Force culture, there is a tendency to overuse them, reducing their impact and value. I believe "mentorship" fits into this category. Today, everybody is expected to be a mentor and be mentored. Whether you are military, civil service or part of the contractor force, mentorship is a vital part of the

Aug. 25, 2006

Leadership is about your responsibilities, not your abilities

The other night I was watching the movie "The Core," a science fiction action flick where the Earth's core has stopped spinning due to a secret government program gone bad. Hillary Swank stars as an Air Force major and shuttle co-pilot who is so sharp, she's never truly been challenged and is used to winning. During a late night training session

Aug. 18, 2006

Air Force develops warrior ethos to combat GWOT

The Global War on Terrorism's effect on the Air Force has been dramatic. We transformed from a garrison force trained to turn back the tide of communism to an expeditionary force trained for missions ranging from humanitarian aid and natural disasters to fighting terrorism across the globe. Explosive ordnance disposal Airmen are de-arming

Aug. 11, 2006

We're family

After 27 months in training in Texas, California and Mississippi and training in three separate Air Force Specialty Codes, I've met a lot of first-term Airmen. When I arrived at Langley in 2003, I understood how first-term Airmen were viewing the world when they reached their first duty stations. In only six short years of service, I can't help but

July 28, 2006

Military life defined by love

For many civilians, the word “military” invokes thoughts of weapons, war, tradition, discipline, uniforms and service, among others. Most of us in the armed forces would agree with the list above, but I’d like to expand it to include the word “love.” I’ll explain why. Military members love their country. If you didn’t when you first joined,

July 17, 2006

Leadership lessons from an unusual source

“Chief, what books on leadership should I be reading?”  An Airman posed this question to me recently. I’m not sure which titles he was expecting me to suggest, but you should have seen the look on his face when my list started with, “Starship Troopers,” the Sci-Fi classic written by Robert Heinlein.  Fortunately, he didn’t run off thinking I was

June 9, 2006

Emergency: No time to lose your head

A trip to the emergency room and a visit by the fire department were the highlights of my Memorial Day weekend. In the midst of a home project, my stepfather cut his hand with his pocketknife. I instantly applied Self Aid, Buddy Care training I had received just a few months ago, as the steps to caring for open wounds echoed in my head. I wrapped

June 9, 2006

Time for a summer stress check-up

This is a message from your friendly family doctor. The thermometer hit 90 degrees this week. It’s time for the “Summer Checkup.” On-going deployments, staffing shortages, budget cuts? What about the lawn that needs mowing? The kids want to go to the ball game. Your spouse wants a “real” date. Are you feeling weary already? Now is the time to take

May 19, 2006

Is your cup half full or half empty?

You might think that is a silly question, but its answer says a lot. My mother used to (and still does) tell me two things that would help me succeed through any situation: pray and be positive. I would like to focus on the latter. You can call it optimism or karma. Either way, it is a key attribute to leadership. “There is little difference

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