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7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary)

Doctrinal Mission:

7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary) doctrinal mission is to provide mission command of assigned and attached port, terminal and watercraft units conducting expeditionary intermodal operations in support of unified land operations. 


Commander's Broader Vision:

To provide Army and/or Joint Mission Command of assigned and attached units to execute rapid expeditionary Theater Opening, Maneuver and Mobility Support, Terminal Operations, and RSOM while keeping the theater base small and acting as the austere connector from the Strategic or Sea-Base to the supported Force conducting unified land operations. 


Current Doctrinal Employment:

7th TB (X) will have the ability to rapidly deploy and sustain forces through austere access points; control and operate water ports while continuing to play a significant role in theater port opening activities to deploy forces in support of Unified Land Operations.  The Transportation Brigade Expeditionary (TBX) is the expert on water terminal operations, Logistics Over The Shore (LOTS) and Army Watercraft. The (TBX) will provide mission command and planning capabilities for water terminal operations, LOTS and will provide command for Army Terminal Battalions, Seaport Operations Companies and Army watercraft units deployed to support the COCOM. In addition, the TBX Commander can provide guidance to maneuver and sustainment commanders on the availability and best employment of Army Terminal Battalions, Seaport Operations Companies and Army watercraft units to support Army and Joint missions.


7th TB (X) Capabilities:

  • Mission command of up to seven terminal battalions
  • Planning/management of watercraft and water terminal support for COCOM operations
  • Control of port opening operations
  • Terminal/LOTS Site infrastructure assessment.
  • Planning/conduct of re-deployment operations and deployment of assigned units to contingency or home station
  • Army early entry Logistics Over the Shore (LOTS) planning, management, execution and Army support to Joint LOTS operations
  • Health Services Support planning for Brigade operations and training of medical personnel in TB(X) assigned units
  • Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for port operations contracts
  • Weather Analysis for LOTS operations (when supported by USAF personnel)
  • Field feeding for organic personnel.
7th TB(X) Leadership
Photo of Colonel Samuel S. Miller, Commander Photo of Command Sergeant Major Arcelia Staggers
COL Samuel S. Miller
CSM Arcelia Staggers
Command Sergeant Major


Images of the 7th Transportation Brigade

Contact Information


7th TB(X) Emergency Operation Center (EOC)

Bldg. 825 Monroe Avenue

Joint Base Langley Eustis, VA 23604

Phone Number: (757) 878-1834


S1: 757-878-0210

Sponsorship: 757-878-0302 or

EO: 757-878-4436

7th TB(X) BDE SARC: 757-878-6319  24 Hr. Hotline: 757-268-8948

BDE Legal Office: 757-878-0361 Ext. 265 or Ext. 263

Chaplain: 757-878-0361  Ext. 252

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