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633d Air Base Wing Safety Office

Occupational Safety:

DSN: 501-8224

COMM: 757-501-8224

Weapons Safety:

DSN: 501-8226

COMM: 757-501-8226


633 ABW/SE

705 Washington Blvd, Suite 227
Fort Eustis, VA 23604









Safeguarding Airmen, Soldiers, Guardians and Civilians while protecting resources, and preserving mission capabilities.


To be a world leader in safety management and mishap prevention for our personnel, our resources and our environment.

  • Airman Safety App
    Another option for reporting a hazard at JBLE.
    Report it with the Airman Safety App.



  • Traffic Safety
    • Speed limit is 25 mph, unless otherwise posted.
    • Seatbelt usage is mandatory.
    • U Drive? U Text? U Pay! JBLE is a hands-free installation.
    Traffic Circles are as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


    1) Slow Down - By entering the circle at a slower speed, crashes that do happen are much less severe.


    2) Look Around - Drivers should choose the lane for where they want to go after the circle. Signs and markings help you select a lane.


    3) Be Ready to Yield - Drivers must yield to traffic in all lanes of the traffic circle, not just the lane closest to you.
  • Motorcycle Safety
    Interested in becoming a motorcycle rider?


    Talk with your unit's Motorcycle Safety Representative or Motorcycle Mentor on how to become a DoD Motorcycle Rider.


    The following Personal Protective Gear is required when riding:
    • DOT approved helmet.
    • Goggles, wrap around glasses, or a full face shield that meets ANSI Z87.1
    • Long sleeve shirt/jacket.
    • Sturdy, over the ankle footwear.
    • Well-fitting, full-fingered gloves.
    • High visibility upper garment (recommended)
    Steps to becoming a rider. 
    1. Airmen meet with your MSR and register in AFSAS/MUSTT.
    2. Soldiers meet with your units Motorcycle Mentors.
    3. All military members must take an approved basic riders course.
    4. Upon completion of a BRC, register to take the BRC-2u or ARC course hosted by the 633 ABW Safety Office.
    5. Document your annual motorcycle safety briefing.
    6. All military riders must take an approved motorcycle safety course every five years.
    Click the link below for more information. (CAC Login required)
    JBLE Motorcycle Safety Program |milBook Home (milsuite.mil)
    In addition to completing the BRC class, active-duty members must have a learner’s permit, or a motorcycle endorsement on their license before submitting paperwork to the 633 ABW Safety Office for reimbursement consideration.


    Required documents for reimbursement and additional information can be found at::
    PMV-2 Basic Rider Course (BRC) Reimbursement Documents


  • Weather Safety
    From thundershowers to nor'easters, from hurricanes to snow showers Virginia weather is ever changing.
    • Summer temperatures can reach over 100° F.

    • Stay hydrated and cool.

    • Never leave infants, children, or pets in parked cars.

    • Vehicles can heat up to dangerous temperatures very quickly, even when cold outside.

    • Winter temperatures can fall below freezing.

    • Be aware of daily forecasts and dress in layers as needed.

    Visit https://weather.gov for the latest forecast.


    Visit https://ready.gov for emergency preparedness.
  • Winter Safety