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Eustis Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)

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The Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA) is the organization in the Department of the Army responsible for providing "civilian" human resources support.

CHRA History:

Lt. Gen. John M. Le Moyne, the Deputy Chief of Staff G-1, formally inaugurated CHRA on Oct. 5, 2003.

The new agency is a result of the integration of the Civilian Training, Education and Development System, Civilian Personnel Field Activity, Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers, overseas Civilian Personnel Operations Centers and the Civilian Personnel Operations Management Agency. CHRA is part of the Department of Army leadership's vision to streamline headquarters, create more agile and responsive staffs, reduce layers of review and approval, focus on mission, and transform the Army. The establishment of the CHRA enables the Army to enhance quality of service provided to its civilian employees and support the Army's vision for Transformation.

As a Field Operating Agency (FOA) under the Department of Army G-1, CHRA is part of the Army's initiative to mold human resources functions into a corporate structure, enabling equitable, efficient and effective management of Army civilians worldwide. The Agency manages all aspects of the human resources lifecycle for civilians from recruiting to retirement. CHRA serves appropriated fund, non-appropriated fund and local national civilian employees.

CHRA Mission:

Recruit, develop, and sustain a professional civilian workforce through effective, efficient, and responsive Human Resource products and advisory services.

CHRA Vision:

Supporting America's Army by providing and sustaining World Class Civilian Employees, earning the recognition as Best in Class.

CHRA Goals:

  • Be a learning and adapting Agency
  • Train and Sustain a Professional Corps (NAF / AF)
  • Production
  • BRAC / In-Sourcing
  • Business Enablers & Efficiencies (IT, Budget, Processes)
  • Communications and Customer Service
Contact Information
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)
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