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Fort Eustis Environmental
Contact Information

733d Mission Support Group
733 Civil Engineering Squadron
Environmental Element CEIE

1407 Washington Blvd.
Fort Eustis, VA 23604

Environmental Compliance

Pollution Prevention/Planning
(757) 878-7378

Natural Resources/Pest Mgmt
(757) 878-4231

Cultural Resources
(757) 878-7365

Environmental Restoration
(757) 878-7379

Element Office
(757) 878-7380

Environmental Management Procedures (EMPs)

EMP Library 
As Approved by the ESOH Council

Environmental Management System (EMS)

JBLE-Eustis CES/CEIE provides access to EMS policies, procedures and related environmental documentation that apply to the operations of the installation. They assist in supporting and communicating the EMS initiatives and policy/procedures throughout the installation. The JBLE-Eustis EMS conforms to the requirements of the International Standards of Organization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management Standard and Air Force requirements, ensuring JBLE-Eustis maintains environmental readiness. JBLE-Eustis EMS procedures and documents are maintained on eDASH.

Natural Resources/Pest Mgmt
Pollution Prevention (P2)/Planning
Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling Plans

The JBLE-Eustis Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) addresses cleanup of the environment affected by military activities at Fort Eustis. In December 1994, JBLE-Eustis was added to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Priorities List (NPL) and in March 2008 the Federal Facilities Agreement (FFA) among EPA, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Army identified areas for investigation and possible cleanup. Further description of the JBLE-Eustis ERP is provided in the JBLE-Eustis Environmental Restoration Overview and final reports are documented in the Administrative Records.


On 28 March 2023, JBLE-Eustis released the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) assessment to gauge community interest in establishing a RAB for the Environmental Restoration Program (ERP). Based on the information gathered, the results do not meet Department of Defense and U.S. Air Force criteria for establishing a RAB at JBLE-Eustis. However, the JBLE-Eustis ERP will continue to provide outreach opportunities to interested community members. If you would like to learn more or provide input, the JBLE-Eustis ERP can be contacted at 733MSG.733CES.EUSTISRESTORATION@us.af.mil.