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USAACE NCOA Leadership
CSM Francisco J. Declet
1SG Jason L. Glenn
Assistant Commandant
Student Information

The cadre at USAACE NCOA-Fort Eustis are committed to ensuring your training here is both challenging and professionally rewarding.  Detailed information you will need to be successful in this course, including reporting instructions, TASS checklists, packing lists, and additional course information can be found on the ACT Community site.

For questions regarding attendance at USAACE NCOA-Fort Eustis, please contact the numbers below:

  • ALC 1SG at 757-878-5330
  • Senior SGL at 757-878-8813/8812
  • Training Specialist at 757-878-3076
  • Senior Training Manager 757-878-8265
U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence NCO Academy at Fort Eustis

A noncommissioned officer's successful negotiation of the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence NCO Academy at Fort Eustis is reliant upon attitude, motivation, and focus.  It is highly recommended that NCOs arrive to the course in the proper state of mental and physical readiness.  The USAACE NCOA-Fort Eustis provides a safe, realistic, and professional training environment for NCO development.  Take advantage of the time spent here to hone skills and master the role as a professional NCO and leader!



"Forged to Lead!"




The Noncommissioned Officer Academy Eustis is an institution that develops highly trained, fit and disciplined Aviation NCOs, returning them to their organizations as trusted, competent Army professionals ready to aggressively enforce the highest standards of readiness while accomplishing the mission.

Course Information

600-15-MAINT-30-C45 is a dynamic leadership course that develops NCOS for the next level of leadership in the unique and continually changing world of Aviation Maintenance. During the 31 academic days of this course, NCOS are challenged and evaluated day in and day out while being instructed and tested on topics such as Operational Environment, NCO Core Competencies, Quality Control, and Aircraft Weight and Balance.

NCOS must arrive fit, disciplined, and ready to train in order to be successful. This includes having all required paperwork on report day, and participating in the day-to-day instruction, keeping focused all the way through graduation.