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Breaking Barriers Alliance


Our Purpose 


Breaking Barriers Alliance (BBA) is a JBLE initiative to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).  Our main objective is to foster an organization culture that promotes a diverse and inclusive environment for members to facilitate open dialogue, recognize and embrace differences to improve mission performance.  With intentional, decisive action, we can make JBLE the number one place within ACC to live and work by promoting a diverse and inclusive environment.  


Founding Principles 

· Vision: Make JBLE #1 place to live and work through promoting a diverse and inclusive environment 

· Mission: Foster an organizational culture that promote a diverse and inclusive environment for members to facilitate open dialogue, recognize and embrace differences to improve mission performance 

· Priorities/Lines of Effort:  

1. Provide education and training by facilitating lower-level discussions and addressing equality through diversity-driven and inclusive leadership.  

2. Increase organizational collaboration through outreach efforts to promote DE&I.  

3. Recognize the diverse composition of JBLE and produce events to promote DE&I within our organizations.  

4. Identify artificial barriers to diversity and inclusion in cultural norms, narratives, programs, processes, and procedures to create a more inclusive organizational climate.  

For more information, contact 633abw.jble.bba@us.af.mil