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Army Chaplaincy

Nurture the Living, Care for the Wounded, and Honor the Dead

  • We support the Value of Religious Liberty and the Importance of Religion, Faith, and Spirituality for overall wellness.  Chaplain Personnel are available providing community and unit level ministry in the chapel and in units providing Religious Support and Advising Leaders, Confidential Pastoral Care, etc.
  • FMI:  www.facebook.com/regimentalmemorialchapel or 24-hour Chapel phone at (757) 878-1304/1450
Worship Services

We are observing installation COVID guidelines for in-person gatherings

  • 0900 Sunday Catholic Mass In Person and Facebook; Confessions by Appointment after Mass at RMC
  • 1145 Weekday Masses In-Person except Tuesdays and Holidays at RMC
  • 1100 Sunday Protestant Service In-Person at RMC and Facebook
  • 0900 Sunday Chapel Roots Interactive Family Worship RMC Annex, Building 1005 Monroe Avenue
  • 1100 Sunday Latter Day Saints AIT Service RMC Annex
  • 1000 128th Aviation Brigade Skymaster AIT Worship Service in the Brigade area

Events are updated at www.facebook.com/regimentalmemorialchapel

  • Catholic Religious Education, Rosary, and Our Lady of Lourdes Prayer Group, FMI:  Call RMC or Check Facebook
  • 1145 Tuesday Bible Study at RMC
  • 1145 Mid-week Devotion and Prayer on Facebook
  • Chapel Bedtime Story available on Facebook
  • Studies Groups, Prayer Request, see Facebook or contact RMC
  • 1800 Wednesday Ladies Evening Bible Study on Facebook, FMI:  Jeanne Vaul at vaulj@cox.net
  • 0930 Tuesdays Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) Bible Study at RMC and on Facebook
  • Men’s Ministry info, contact Mr. Rosier at erosiersr@yahoo.com or contact RMC
923 Donnelson Place (GPS)
Bldg 923 Lee Boulevard, Fort Eustis, VA  23604
24-Hour Chapel Phone
(757) 878-1304/1450
Prayer Requests
Needs (Handled Sensitively), or Additions to Contact List, POC: 
Mrs. Jeanne Vaul | vaulj@cox.net