Army Chaplaincy

Nurture the Living, Care for the Wounded, and Honor the Dead

  • Chaplain Teams Providing Community and Unit Level Ministry, Garrison (USAE/ 633ABW/HC), TRADOC, 128th Avn Bde, 93rd Sig Bde, and 7th Trans Bde (Exp), etc.
  • For Chapel Faith Based Info:

Worship Services

We are observing installation COVID guidelines for in-person services, see Facebook for updates:

  •          0800 & 0900, Sundays, Catholic Mass, In Person and Facebook Live
  •          1145, Weekday Masses, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, In-Person (except Wednesdays and holidays)
  •          Catholic Religious Education is Ongoing, Check Facebook Page
  •          1100, Protestant Christian Service, In-Person and Facebook Live
  •          1145, Wednesdays, Midweek Devotion and Prayer, Facebook Live
  •          1100, Latter Day Saints, AIT, Building 1005, Monroe Avenue
  •          1000, 128th Aviation Brigade’s AIT Worship Service in the Brigade area


  • 1945, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Protestant Chapel Bedtime Story, Facebook Live
  • 1800, Wednesdays, Ladies Evening Bible Study, Facebook Live (Ask to Join Group)
  • PWOC is Ongoing, Check Facebook Page
  • Men’s Ministry is Ongoing, Check Facebook Page

The following list is made available for the community to contact us here at the Regimental Memorial Chapel and Center. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need.


CH (COL) Darrell Thomsen: 757-878-1985/ 757-878-1303

Deputy JBLE Wing Chaplain

Garrison Chaplain


CH (LTC) Michael Albano: 757-878-4443

Deputy Garrison Chaplain

Catholic Chaplain


CH (MAJ) Terrence Kesling: 757-878-2257

Garrison Senior Protestant Chaplain


CH (MAJ) Luis Lopezcolon: 757-878-1455

JBLE Resource Manager


CH (MAJ) Kevin Sears: 757-878-2202

Family Life Chaplain


SFC Angelio Henderson: 757-878-6052

Senior Religious Affairs NCOIC


SSG David Besikof: 757-878-3034

Regimental Memorial Chapel NCOIC

Operations NCOIC


Mrs. Jeanne Vaul: 757-878-4316

Senior Director of Religious Education


Mrs. Genevieve Hughes: 757-878-4727

Catholic Director of Religious Education


Ms. Diane Miller: 757-878-3021

Administrative Assistant


Mr. Ferdinand Ducusin: 757-878-1440

Account Manager



Regimental Memorial Chapel Chaplain Assistant: 757-878-1316

Prayer Requests

Needs (Handled Sensitively), or Additions to Contact List, POC: 
Mrs. Jeanne Vaul, Director of Religious Education,
24 Hour Chapel Phone: 757-878-1304/1450
923 Donnelson Place (GPS)/Building 923 Lee Boulevard, Fort Eustis, VA  23604
Updated as of 15 December 2020