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Fort Eustis Staff Judge Advocate

MISSION: Provide professional, competent, timely and proactive legal support and customer service across all areas of legal practice to Joint Base Langley-Eustis and Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story commanders, staffs, directorates, and eligible clients and customers.

2732 Madison Avenue
Fort Eustis, VA 23604 
(757) 878-5286 ext. 244/247/23
Administrative Law

Monday - Friday, 0800-1630
CLOSED: Thursday Mornings & Federal Holidays

Phone:  (757) 878-5286 ext. 244
Office Mailbox: usarmy.jble.imt.mbx.administrative-law@army.mil

The Administrative Law Division provides legal advice and support to commanders and staff in a variety of areas. These include civilian personnel and labor law, contract and fiscal law, environmental law, federal litigation, the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, the Joint Ethics Regulation and Federal ethics laws, military administrative law (e.g., 15-6 investigations, line of duty investigations, and financial liability investigations).

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Monday - Friday, 0730 - 1500;
CLOSED: Friday Mornings & Federal Holidays
Email: christina.m.porter3.civ@army.mil
Phone: (757) 912-5393
Fax: (757) 878-3442



Effective 5 July 2017, Army personnel wishing to claim for personal property loss or damage, including household goods and POVs in transit or storage, are directed to the upgraded website for PCLAIMS Plus at: http://www.JAGCNet.army.mil/Pclaims. Customer support for claimants located in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, is available from the new office at Fort Knox: Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS), via email usarmy.knox.hqda-otjag.mbx.cpcs@mail.mil or call the CPCS at 1-502-626-3000 or DSN 536-3000.

The Claims Division adjudicates claims for personal injury or damage to property caused by the negligent acts or omissions of Army or DoD personnel. In addition, the Division pursues affirmative claims against third parties who damage Government property or cause injury to Soldiers or their family members resulting in medical care at Government expense. 

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Legal Assistance

Contact Information
2732 Madison Ave
Ft. Eustis, VA 23604
(757) 878-7517

Please go to the following link to see our hours and learn how to schedule appointments:
Fort Eustis Legal Assistance

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Military Justice
Monday - Wednesday & Friday, 0830 - 1630;
CLOSED: Thursday Mornings, Training Holidays & Federal Holidays

Phone: (757) 878-5287 ext. 258
(757) 559-1530
Fax:  (757) 878-5289

The Military Justice Division provides legal advice and regulatory guidance to commanders and their staff elements regarding adverse administrative actions, nonjudicial punishment actions, Courts-Martial, and other military disciplinary issues.

The Division is also designated and responsible for the Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) for all commands under this general court-martial convening authority's jurisdiction. The Victim Witness Liaison Officer serves as facilitator and coordinator for the VWAP and primary point of contact through which victims and witnesses obtain information and assistance in securing available services.

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Trial Defense Service
U.S. Army Trial Defense Service
2733 Madison Avenue
Fort Eustis, VA 23604

Phone:  (757) 878-2064
Fax:  (757) 878-8732

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 0900 - 1600 CLOSED for Lunch 1200 - 1330
CLOSED Wednesday mornings for training 0900 - 1330, Training Holidays & Federal Holidays

Article 15s - 0930
Chapters - 1030

For Article 15 Assistance:
- Bring the DA 2627 signed by your Commander
- Soldiers should arrive at TDS at 0900 with original packet for video at 0930

For Chapters:
- Bring the Soldier notification memo signed by your Commander
- Soldiers should arrive at TDS at 1000 with original packet for video at 1030

Trial Defense Service (TDS) provides specified defense counsel services for Army personnel assigned to Fort Eustis and those Soldiers within the geographical area of responsibility of this field office.

USATDS counsel provide counseling/representation in the following situations:

· If you believe law enforcement or your command is investigating you for a violation of the UCMJ
· General Court-Martial representation
· Special Court-Martial representation
· Summary Court-Martial counseling
· Article 32, UCMJ, representation
· Counseling of pretrial confinees
· Formal Article 15, UCMJ, counseling
· Administrative separation counseling
· Representation at administrative elimination boards
· Representation at reduction boards under Ch 10, AR 600-8-19

Please call 757-878-2064 to schedule an appointment. If you need immediate assistance regarding an allegation of misconduct against you, walk-in appointments are available at any time. Additionally, adverse actions can be stressful and if you need to speak with someone for support, please see the "Available Resources to Cope with Stress" information paper below. The link contains contact information for chaplains, behavioral health providers and other counseling services. Remember, you are a valuable person and member of the Army and we are committed to providing you services and support during this stressful time.

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