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Environmental Management Procedures (EMPs)

Installation EMPs (listed by program area)


ACAP Summary Report FEVA Form 32-601

Activity Assessment Multi-Media Checklist

Activity Facilities and Operations Inventory FEVA Form 32-600

Activity Name Listings

AEC UEC and HWC Appointment FEVA Form 32-643

Air Quality Program Reporting FEVA Form 32-610

AST Discrepancy Report FEVA Form 32-631

AST Inspection Record FEVA Form 32-630

C and D Waste Generation and Recycling Report FEVA Form 32-675

Commander Director Chain of Custody Log FEVA Form 32-634

Container Contents Log - CCL FEVA Form 32-646

Container Turn-In Log FEVA Form 32-696

Contractor HazMart Reg FEVA Form 32-682

Emergency Notification FEVA Form 32-700

HazMart Inspection Checklist FEVA Form 32-683

HMM Appointment FEVA Form 32-684

HWAF Pickup Inspection Checklist FEVA Form 32-641

HWAF Reimbursement Log FEVA Form 32-690

Lead Acid Battery Tracking FEVA Form 32-691

Monthly Hazardous Material Site Inspections FEVA Form 32-680

Monthly Universal Waste Site Inspections FEVA Form 32-695

Monthly UST Inspection Record FEVA Form 32-633

Process Codes

Request for Environmental Impact Analysis

Shop Codes and Names

Site Pickup Evaluation Inspection Check List

Site Specific Contingency Plan Template FEVA Form 32-620

Spill Report FEVA Form 32-621

​Stormwater Best Management Practice Information Sheet

Training Report

TSS SAS NHS Site Approval FEVA Form 32-699

TSS Weekly Inspection Report Log

Unclassified Hard Drive Turn-In Form

UST Discrepancy Report FEVA Form 32-632

Waste Description Log FEVA Form 32-697

Weekly TSS SAS and NHS Inspections FEVA Form 32-698