Installation Environmental Management Procedures (EMPs)

Listed by program area

Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP) EMP
Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • The primary repository for EMS related documents is eDash.
  • Supplemental information on the 14 EMS Elements can be found on the homepage of this website.  
Hazardous Waste Management Plan (HWMP)
Wastewater and Stormwater EMP


ACAP Summary Report FEVA Form 32-601
Activity Assessment Multi-Media Checklist
Activity Facilities and Operations Inventory FEVA Form 32-600
Activity Name Listings
AEC UEC and HWC Appointment FEVA Form 32-643
Air Quality Program Reporting FEVA Form 32-610
AST Discrepancy Report FEVA Form 32-631
AST Inspection Record FEVA Form 32-630
C and D Waste Generation and Recycling Report FEVA Form 32-675
Container Contents Log - CCL FEVA Form 32-646

Container Turn-In Log FEVA Form 32-696
Contractor HazMart Reg FEVA Form 32-682
Emergency Notification FEVA Form 32-700
Fire Extinguisher Turn-In Document
HazMart Inspection Checklist FEVA Form 32-683
HMM Appointment FEVA Form 32-684
HWAF Pickup Inspection Checklist FEVA Form 32-641
HWAF Reimbursement Log FEVA Form 32-690

Lead Acid Battery Tracking FEVA Form 32-691
Memorandum for Record Degaussing FEVA Form 32-664
Monthly Hazardous Material Site Inspections FEVA Form 32-680
Monthly Universal Waste Site Inspections FEVA Form 32-695
Monthly UST Inspection Record FEVA Form 32-633
Process Codes
Request for Environmental Impact Analysis

Shop Codes and Names
Site Specific Contingency Plan Template FEVA Form 32-620
Spill Report FEVA Form 32-621

​Stormwater Best Management Practice Information Sheet
Training Report

TSS SAS NHS Site Approval FEVA Form 32-699
TSS Weekly Inspection Report Log
Unclassified Hard Drive Turn-In Document FEVA Form 32-666
UST Discrepancy Report FEVA Form 32-632
Waste Description Log FEVA Form 32-697
Weekly TSS SAS and NHS Inspections FEVA Form 32-698