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NEWS | May 1, 2006

We all start somewhere, even Homer was once illiterate

By Matthew R. Weir 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Before we can run, we must walk. Before we can walk, we must crawl. 

Cliché – yes. 

True – definitely. 

I know because I watched my daughters grow. First, they’re learning to roll from side-to-side. Then, they get strong enough to push themselves up and scoot across the floor. Finally, they summon the courage to stand and face humility if they fall. 

My mother said I used the same process as a baby. As an adult, I recently had to use that process again. I lost strength after I injured my shoulder playing rugby. I loathed going back to the gym while my shoulder recovered. 

While I was in the Marine Corps I once boasted pressing 315 pounds. Yet, there I was, six foot, 225 pounds barely able to press the bar. 

I felt like people were staring and wondering, “Why is a guy that size lifting so little?”
I felt that way until I realized that everyone starts somewhere. If my children were brave enough to face falling down over while trying to walk, I was brave enough to go back to the gym and get my strength back. 

After all, even the great writer Homer, was once illiterate.