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May 19, 2006

Langley's historic district: Honoring the past, embracing the future

Anyone who has been around Langley long knows it’s a place that’s always changing and growing. Yet, when you’re in certain places on base, you might feel as though you’ve been transported back to the past. In particular, when entering the Langley Field Historic District, you find yourself surrounded by buildings and landscapes that remain much the

May 1, 2006

Expeditionary Combat Skills Training prepares Airmen for combat roles

Pop quiz, hotshot. You’re walking back from the shower to your trailer at Balad Air Base, Iraq, when mortars start exploding 100 yards from where you’re standing. You’re in a towel, and the nearest hardened shelter is 200 yards from you. What do you do? Fortunately, if you’re going to the Central Air Forces Area of Operation on your next

April 20, 2006

AMDS closer to the mission than you think

Special Operations Forces missions throughout Iraq and Afghanistan are vital to the war effort, so it would be a shame if a mission had to be scrubbed because an operator got light-headed. The 1st Aerospace Medical Squadron deploys physiology technicians to make sure just such an occurrence doesn’t happen. “In a nutshell, any time an aircraft goes

April 20, 2006

Langley unit ensures T-Birds’ safety during performance

The Thunderbirds kicked off their performance season March 25, but one group of Langley Airmen has been working behind the scenes helping the team prepare since January. The Visual Intelligence Flight of the 36th Intelligence Squadron is the sole provider of overhead imagery for Thunderbird mission navigational planning. This detailed imagery

April 17, 2006

Keeping enemies in crosshairs: CATAM personnel keep Airmen ready for combat roles

It takes approximately 10,000 rounds per week to teach Langley Airmen to shoot properly, but without experienced instructors, they may as well be firing blanks. The 1st Security Forces Squadron Combat Arms Training and Maintenance unit trains Langley Airmen basic weapon knowledge and marksmanship in seven different weapons including the M-4 rifle,

April 17, 2006

Expressing yourself: Virginia offers more specialty, personalized plates than other states

In a military world, conformity is the norm – short haircuts, green uniforms and black boots. Alpha Airmen need to stand out from the crowd. An easy way to express themselves while still conforming to military standards is through a vehicle. Makes, models, colors, rims, stereos and plates make each vehicle different. Airmen don’t have to worry

April 7, 2006

Rescue me: Medically-trained firefighters respond to call of duty

Bryan Anthony studies quietly in the breakroom, where the call comes in. With the ambulance already out on a call, the firefighters gear up for another emergency. Within minutes, he responds, hurrying into the office of a man passed out on the floor. It takes seconds before he begins administering medical support to someone in need of help. This is

April 3, 2006

Remembering a civil rights leader

A leader is born Martin Luther King Jr. was born Jan. 15, 1929. He had his first encounter with racial discrimination at an early age. His best friend growing up was a little white boy. In 1953, the boys were placed in separate schools; from that point on the white boy’s father would no longer let Martin play with his child. Martin’s parents tried

April 3, 2006

Local ‘Hell Hawk’ says farewell

A highly decorated and dedicated local retired Army Air Corps pilot died Jan. 3.Robert Guillotte joined the Army Air Corps in 1940, enlisting as a clerk from his hometown of Springfield, Mass. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked in 1941. Soon after, the 130-pound clerk attended pilot training to fly the P-47. In December

April 3, 2006

Hampton Roads to Hollywood

From Hampton Roads to Hollywood, Langley members shine.Staff Sgt. Angela Tuckett, assigned to the Air Combat Command Regional Supply Squadron here, played a Native American mother in the New Line Cinema film “The New World” starring Colin Farrell, Christian Bale and Christopher Plummer that opened nation-wide Jan. 13. It is a story about the

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