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Aug. 18, 2006

Raptor summer stats impress critics

The news here isn't that the F-22A Raptor went out of town and participated in exercises this summer. Critics and fans alike have heard that by now. What they haven't heard: the facts and figures produced during the training. "We took the jets and our people more than 3,200 miles from their support structure at home," said Lt. Col. Wade Tolliver,

Aug. 7, 2006

Langley officer lives life-long dream

Twenty-year Air Force veteran, Capt. Patrick Ritchie has waited his entire life to live the dream of driving a race car. Since he came to the area and heard about the Langley Motor Speedway, he knew one day he would get to live that dream. The Air Combat Command communications actions officer arrived at Langley in April 2005 with a season ticket to

July 21, 2006

Digital Imaging: Heroes with X-ray vision, no capes

Mutant x-ray vision was never used to diagnose bone fractures and breaks, or assisted pregnant women and their babies, or checked internal organs, day in and day out. Therefore, by the Scientific Method, the Airmen of the 1st Medical Support Squadron Diagnostic Imaging clinic are better than Superman can ever be. Every day, the clinic, formerly

July 21, 2006

AADD: Saving lives in Savannah

Members of Detachment 71 may be far from home, but not far from help. The Det. 71 Airmen Against Drunk Driving program has been saving lives since the first week on the ground. “We established an AADD the first week here,” said Master Sgt. Kevin Coker, Det. 71 first sergeant. “So far, there have been 85 saves.” Staff Sgt. Ryan Lucas, 71st Aircraft

July 17, 2006

Bronze Stars: SFS personnel provide crucial support in OIF

While traveling south on main supply route Tampa Dec. 5, 2005, near Balad Air Base, Iraq, Staff Sgt. Christopher Willson, 732nd Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron, Detachment 2632 assistant convoy commander, and his Convoy Logistics Patrol were attacked by small arms fire from anti Iraqi Forces on both sides of the road. "There was a time

June 9, 2006

OSS weather forecasters keep flyers up to date

Daily weather reports aid in preventing death, injury, millions of dollars in aircraft damages by informing base commanders on how weather will affect each of their respective missions. The 1st Operations Support Squadron Weather Flight uses a variety of inside and outside sources to help safeguard Langley’s Airmen, flyers and equipment from

June 9, 2006

Chaplain, Life Skills offer sanctuary to people with suicidal thoughts

You’ve got two choices in front of you: the phone or the gun. You truly believe the gun will take the pain away. The phone… you’re not so sure. You don’t know what will happen if you pick up the phone, but you do know what will happen if you pick up the gun. Picking up the phone can save your life if you know who to call. “If given the opportunity,

June 9, 2006

SUICIDE: A do and die situation

In a recent First Term Airman’s Center suicide awareness briefing, Chaplain (Capt.) Franklin Watts asked everyone who knew someone who had committed or attempted suicide to raise their hands. Out of a class of almost 40 Airmen, all but three raised their hands. Their stories were as varied as they were horrifying – friends, loved ones, people they

June 9, 2006

Facing his career’s biggest change – retirement

The 1st Mission Support Group commander has endured and adapted to changes for 24 years. Now he faces the biggest change yet – retirement. What better way to finish a career than at colonel and from one of the Air Force’s “flagship bases?” asked Col. Kevin Rumsey during a recent interview. He was commissioned in 1982 after graduating from the

May 19, 2006

Whatever you do this summer ... Stay Safe

Each year, the Air Force stresses the importance of zero mishaps during the 101 Critical Days of Summer through PowerPoint slides, commander’s calls and safety briefings. For the most part, Airmen do their part to put safety at the forefront of his/her mind. What about those safety issues that tend to fall through the cracks, such as hyponatremia,

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