JBLE-Eustis Newcomers Guide

The sections below contain useful information, phone numbers, addresses and resources both on and off-base for new personnel and families arriving at JBLE-Eustis.

NEWCOMERS ORIENTATION | Soldiers will be scheduled for a Newcomers Orientation as part of in-processing to the installation. The brief offers essential information about the installation and community resources. 

SPOUSES ORIENTATION | Spouses are highly encouraged to attend the Uniquely Eustis Spouse Orientation held the last Thursday of each month (except December), 9:00-12:30. The spouse orientation provides information about the installation and community with a focus on spouse employment and family resources. For more information, contact Army Community Service at (757) 878-3638.

For more helpful information and resources, be sure to visit the 733d FSS MWR.



In accordance with Joint Base Langley-Eustis command, all personnel with Non-classified Internet Protocol (NIPR) system access are required to register and activate their AtHoc icon upon arrival to the installation. For more information, click here.





When you arrive at FORT EUSTIS, you'll have to make a few stops to ensure you in-process properly.

If you are permanent party arriving at Fort Eustis during normal duty hours, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, report directly to your unit. The unit will arrange the in-processing appointment.

Officers report to room 124
Phone: (757) 878-4817

Enlisted personnel report to room 131
Phone: (757) 878-2953

Futures and Concepts Center, Army Futures Command
G-1 (757)-501-5598/(757)-501-5219
Report to 950 Jefferson Ave, Building 950, 1st Floor, Rm 1063-Q
After normal working hours:  Contact sponsor

S-1 (757) 878-6108/7085
Report to Building 213 - Calhoun St.
After normal working hours: Contact sponsor or unit

S-1 (757) 314-7714
Report to Building 577 Sternberg Ave.
After normal working hours: NCO on duty pager: (757) 753-4881 or emergency call (210) 928-7030

U.S Army Transportation School
S-1 (757) 878-2774
Report to 2743 Madison Ave., Room #6
After normal working hours: Contact sponsor or unit

128th Aviation Brigade
S1 NCOIC (757) 878-8152/7522
Report to Building 2717 McClain St Rm #3
After normal working hours: S1 NCOIC (757) 878-7456,
Report to Building 2717, Room #3

93rd Signal Brigade 
S-1 (757) 878-1001
Report to Building 662, Room #120
After normal working hours: (757) 503-1704

(757) 508-2949
Report to Building 576 Jefferson Ave., McDonald Army Health Center
After normal working hours: (757) 508-2949

7th Transportation Brigade
S-1 (757) 878-0210/3061
Report to 826 Monroe Ave
Building 825, EOC Room 108
After normal working hours: (757) 878-1834
Report to 825 Monroe Ave. EOC Room 108

597th Transportation Brigade
S-1 (757) 878-8651/7497
After normal working hours: (757) 508-2949

Families may stay at General Smalls Inn, located at 1700 Madison Ave., Phone: (757) 878-5807

Personnel must wear duty uniform during in-processing at Fort Eustis. Members must have their personnel records, all PCS orders, DA orders, DA Form 31, medical, dental, and financial records.

Newcomers Orientation: Soldiers are required to attend. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend the monthly Uniquely Eustis Spouse Orientation held the last Thursday of the month at Army Community Service. The orientation offers essential information about the installation, community resources and programs beneficial to families. For more information, contact Army Community Service at (757) 878-3638.

Personnel staff members at JBLE will need copies of your orders, leave form, military personnel file, medical and dental records and new addresses so they can update your military records, insurance, emergency data card and change of address card. Your ID card will be checked and a new one issued, if necessary.

Uniforms: The year-round duty uniform for Soldiers at JBLE is the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). When reporting during duty hours, you must report in either ACUs or any authorized variation of the Army Service Uniform/ ASU. After duty hours, you may report in civilian clothes. 


Moving can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to packing up your households and shipping across the country, or even around the world.
Rely on JBLE's Travel Management Offices to help keep your move on schedule.

Fort Eustis Travel Management Office :
(757) 878-4664





Upon arrival to JBLE, contact 1-800-TRICARE to update your location for yourself and dependents.




The JBLE Resiliency Network includes a wealth of resources to help personnel and families find support for everything from behavioral health, family support, deployment issues, sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse, spiritual services and more.

Fort Eustis Resiliency


JBLE's Veterinary Clinics are available to care for pets, and can ensure man's best friend is happy and healthy.

The Fort Eustis Veterinary Branch provides outpatient services for pets of active-duty and retired military personnel and their families at the Fort Eustis and Langley Air Force Base Veterinary Treatment Facilities. The Fort Eustis VTF operates clinics for immunizations, parasite control and diagnosis and treatment of diseases that pose a potential threat to the health of the command and its animal population. The clinic does not provide surgical, extensive medical or emergency care. Routine services are available for pets of all personnel authorized medical care. Pets living on post must be registered within 10 days of arrival at the Fort Eustis VTF. Owners must provide proof of a current rabies vaccination. Animal care services are by appointment only.

SERVICES (by appointment only) :
  • Vaccinations for dogs and cats (rabies only for ferrets)
  • Limited sick call (pets can be seen for all problems although cannot be treated for all, civilian veterinarian care will be recommended)
  • Emergency care to save life, limb, or eye sight. Pet will be stabilized then referred to a civilian veterinarian. All other emergencies must seek civilian care
  • Limited diagnostics heartworm/ehrlichia/lyme checks for dogs, leukemia/feline infectious anemia for cats, skin/hair cultures for fungal infections, skin scapes formites, ear swabs for bacteria, fungus and mites, and fecal analysis for intestinal parasites

  • Notify military police about all stray animals found on post.
  • Contact the nearest SPCA; Peninsula SPCA or Newport News Animal Control at (757) 595-7387
  • The Fort Eustis vet clinic WILL NOT take in stray animals.

Fort Eustis Vet Clinic
580 Jefferson Ave.
Fort Eustis, Va.

Hours of Operation :
Monday - Friday | 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed weekends and holidays