USAACE NCOA Leadership
CSM Bradford L. Smith
1SG Matthew H. Dine
Deputy Commandant
Student Information

The cadre at USAACE NCOA-Fort Eustis are committed to ensuring your training here is both challenging and professionally rewarding.  Detailed information you will need to be successful in this course, including reporting instructions, TASS checklists, packing lists, and additional course information can be found on the USAACE NCOA-Fort Eustis AKO website.

Any questions regarding attendance at USAACE NCOA-Fort Eustis can be answered by the Branch Chief at 757-878-3489; the senior SGL at 757-878-2384; or the Training Specialist at 757-878-3076.

U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence NCO Academy at Fort Eustis

A noncommissioned officer's successful negotiation of the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence NCO Academy at Fort Eustis is reliant upon attitude, motivation, and focus.  It is highly recommended that NCOs arrive to the course in the proper state of mental and physical readiness.  The USAACE NCOA-Fort Eustis provides a safe, realistic, and professional training environment for NCO development.  Take advantage of the time spent here to hone skills and master the role as a professional NCO and leader!



"Train for Excellence to Lead With Confidence!"



The following list is made available for the community to contact us here at the Regimental Memorial Chapel and Center. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need.


CH (COL) Darrell Thomsen: 757-878-1985/ 757-878-1303

Deputy JBLE Wing Chaplain

Garrison Chaplain


CH (LTC) Michael Albano: 757-878-4443

Deputy Garrison Chaplain

Catholic Chaplain


CH (MAJ) Terrence Kesling: 757-878-2257

Garrison Senior Protestant Chaplain


CH (MAJ) Luis Lopezcolon: 757-878-1455

JBLE Resource Manager


CH (MAJ) Kevin Sears: 757-878-2202

Family Life Chaplain


SFC Angelio Henderson: 757-878-6052

Senior Religious Affairs NCOIC


SSG David Besikof: 757-878-3034

Regimental Memorial Chapel NCOIC

Operations NCOIC


Mrs. Jeanne Vaul: 757-878-4316

Senior Director of Religious Education


Mrs. Genevieve Hughes: 757-878-4727

Catholic Director of Religious Education


Ms. Diane Miller: 757-878-3021

Administrative Assistant


Mr. Ferdinand Ducusin: 757-878-1440

Account Manager



Regimental Memorial Chapel Chaplain Assistant: 757-878-1316

The USAACE NCOA at Fort Eustis provides professional military education that develops adaptive, self-confident aviation noncommissioned officers to lead, fight and win in a complex world.
Course Information
The USAACE NCOA at Fort Eustis' staff, made up entirely of NCOs, is structured with a Command Sergeant Major as the Commandant, a First Sergeant as the Deputy Commandant, and a Branch Chief.

You will find your Advanced Leader Course (ALC) training at USAACE NCOA at Fort Eustis both demanding and rewarding.  The training will challenge you physically and mentally with an overall goal of professional growth and development.  Our mission is for each student to return to their unit a better Noncommissioned Officer, ready to lead Soldiers both in garrison and in combat while serving at the next level.<