Equal Opportunity Office

The Equal Opportunity staff provides training, conducts informal inquiries, coordinates complaint investigations and conducts mediation of workplace disputes in the civilian workforce. They also provide human relations training, guidance in formal and informal equal opportunity and treatment complaints processing, conduct complaint clarifications, mediate complaints, perform wing climate assessments and provide awareness training on subjects relating to human relations (i.e., cultural diversity, sexual harassment and team building.)

We encourage people to use the chain of command and support early resolution of any human relations issue. We also offer mediation through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program to resolve issues involving potential conflicts.

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Mission Statement


The Langley Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program actively commits to the safety and well-being of all Airmen.  It is our goal to provide; quality victim care, improve incident reporting-restricted or unrestricted, to increase awareness and prevention through community education.

Special Observances
Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Holiday
Date: 3rd Monday
February 1-28
African-American/Black Heritage Month
March 1-31
Women's History Month
April and May
"Days of Remembrance" (for victims of the Holocaust)
Dates: Sunday to Sunday for week incorporating Yom Hashoah
May 1-31
Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month
June 1-30
LGBT Pride Month
August 26
Women's Equality Day
September 15 - October 15
National Hispanic Heritage Month
October 1-31
National Disability Awareness Month
November 1-30
National Native-American/Indian Heritage Month

We pledge to remain true to the core values of our profession: INTEGRITY,


We pledge to Step Up by INTERVENING when appropriate!

We pledge to Stop Sexual Assault and Protect Our People!


Protecting our People will Protects Our Mission!!