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NEWS | April 16, 2013

Top 5 moving claims mistakes; Part 1: Get your orders first

By James Akridge Fort Eustis Army Claims Branch

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of a five-part series designed to answer the question,"What are the top five moving claims mistakes?" This installment advises of the importance of early preparation for any move and points to some very powerful planning tools.

While the Army Transporter's motto is, "Nothing happens until something moves," families about to move are better served by making things happen well before moving starts.

You can now access one of the best move planning tools available. Create your very own, pre-populated planning timeline at the Department of Defense's Military OneSource website. From the home page, search for "Plan My Move." Then create your password, select current and future duty stations and input an approximate moving date - presto! Plan My Move generates the ultimate three-month calendar with up to 90 pre-planned tasks and tips with installation-specific information and points of contact.

Tasks can be added, removed or modified, and the length of the calendar can be changed from three months to one month or two years. It remains totally flexible to shift with your changing schedule. Plan My Move provides a detailed outline of the moving process, breaking it down into manageable steps.

Users can download or print customized booklets of information. You can program the calendar to email yourself automatically with reminder alerts. This website is especially useful to family or Service members facing their first permanent change of station, or PCS move. Beyond the Plan My Move tool, there is a collection of pre-move tips at per the "Before Your Move" link.

Other valuable tips can be found at the Air Force and Coast Guard websites listed below. While you are at it, visit to customize a welcome packet from your gaining installation's website. Sponsors can find online training there, as well.

It is a mistake to wait on orders before starting to get ready to move. You now have the tools at your fingertips to meet the needs of any family situation.

The Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard provide centralized or regionalized claims support. The Fort Eustis Army Claims Office can provide assistance to all Service and family members at (757) 878-3536, extension 224. - United States Air Force Claims website - United States Army Claims Service website - United States Navy Claims website - Department of Defense Household Goods Portal - U.S. Coast Guard HHG Claims website - Fort Eustis Claims Office website or
Facebook at Joint-Base-Langley-Eustis-Army-Claims-Office

The next installment will help you understand the most critical document in the claims process - the inventory. This single document can prove three required claims elements: ownership, condition, and tender to the carrier.

NOTE: This article is not intended as a comprehensive overview of any claims program or to provide guidance tailored to any specific situation. It is not intended as legal advice. See the aforementioned websites for more information, or contact your servicing military claims office or transportation office.