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NEWS | Oct. 16, 2008

Personal Property regionalization effective Nov.1

By Traffic Management Office, Personal Property 1st Logistic Readiness Squadron

In keeping with the on-going Air Force personal property regionalization effort, the Langley Traffic Management Office, Personal Property function, will be regionalizing with the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office-Northeast located in Chelmsford, Mass. effective Nov. 1.

You might be asking, why regionalize personal property? The short answer is "to better serve you, our customers." This regionalization effort is much different than any previous regionalization you may have heard about or are accustomed to. The entire base personal property function is not going away, it is becoming more customer focused. The Air Force personal property regionalization concept retains the front-office functions, such as customer counseling and quality assurance inspections at the local transportation office. 

What does that mean for you? More assistance when you need it the most. Our team will be better positioned to focus its attention on providing quality customer service to each and every customer. Additionally, our quality assurance inspectors will be available to assist you during the pickup and delivery of your property. Our goal has always been to provide outstanding service; however, time-consuming back-office functions sometimes have gotten in the way of our customers' expectations. Now our attention and concerns are focused directly on our customers. 

While the local personal property office will continue to provide customer counseling and quality assurance inspections, we will be turning over back-office functions to our JPPSO-NE partners and team members. 

JPPSO-NE is staffed with a dedicated team to handle all back-office functions, such as booking personal property shipment and storage; scheduling personal property delivery and storage; arranging all payments associated with the transportation and storage of your personal property. 

Additionally, JPPSO-NE has a toll-free customer service number available so customers can inquire about their shipment status and address any additional movement concerns that may arise during their transition. Customers can call (800) 235-7776 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Our total team is now armed better to assist with all your personal property movement needs. In addition to restructuring the front-office and back-office functions, we have also been able to harness and deploy some of the latest technology tools to assist our customers with your personal property movement needs. Doing so will aid you throughout the personal property movement process and in some cases, put you more in control of your personal property movement needs. 

Some examples include:

The Joint Overlay to Transportation Operational Personal Property System covers the entire scope of personal property. JOLT automates the process, from booking of shipments at origin through clearing and scoring of shipments at destination. JOLT has a wide range of features, such as notification of expiration of entitlements, tracing capability for shipments, and proactive informational e-mails to members. Once a shipment is booked, customers receive an e-mail notifying them of the Transportation Service Provider's name/phone number, pack and pickup dates, responsible destination transportation offices name/phone number and a tracking number to monitor their shipment. 

Additionally, customers will receive a similar e-mail from the destination office welcoming the member. The member is counseled on the importance of good contact information, the shipment clearing process and their entitlement to temporary storage. JOLT increases efficiency by removing many of the redundant tasks, while adding new functionality to enhance the overall experience for all participants. 

Interactive Response Telephone Service gives customers more control and visibility during their entire move process. The text and voice recognition capability provide customers arrival information, pickup and delivery confirmation and storage expiration dates. The proactive call notification feature is automated to call the customers during evening hours to remind them of their pickup or delivery dates. Through the IR, customers have access to detailed information on their household goods shipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our Document Imaging & Management Initiative digitizes all documents related to the movement and storage of personal property. Customers requiring copies of documents can now receive them via email. This system has greatly improved customer service by making shipping documents available to member's, employees, claims offices and Defense Finance and Accounting Service personnel every day. 

Air Force Move Web site (People First) was designed to assist our DOD customers with personal property movement needs, while utilizing the best practices available across all services and commercial industry partners alike. Customers have access to numerous helpful tools and valuable links to facilitate their movement needs. Customers are strongly encouraged to utilize the site during their entire move process. The site can be accessed at

We will continue to implement and develop some of the personal property industry's most cutting-edge technology while striving for superior customer service throughout the entire personal property movement process. Our team is excited about the opportunity to assist you with your personal property movement needs.