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News | April 22, 2008

Langley earns "excellent" in ORI

By 2nd Lt. Georganne E. Schultz 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Team Langley continued its legacy of firsts by earning an "excellent" rating in the first Phase II Operational Readiness Inspection since integrating with the 192nd Fighter Wing and declaring the F-22 fighter squadrons here fully operational.

The 1st and 192nd Fighter Wings secured excellent ratings in the three graded categories of employment, mission support and ability to survive and operate during the inspection held here April 13-19.

"We were impressed with your professionalism, warrior spirit and exceptional unit pride," said Col. William Mullins, Air Combat Command Inspector General team chief.

Superior performers included 28 teams and 129 individuals who were recognized for their exceptional efforts during the inspection, which tested the wings' ability to operate in a forward deployed location.

The ACC IG Team commended the 1st and 192nd Fighter Wings for their "laser focus on mission accomplishment," said Colonel Mullins.

In 48 hours Team Langley generated more than 100 sorties and proved to be outstanding in mission preparation, execution and effectiveness.

"Every single Airman has a part in the fight," said Brig. Gen. Mark Barrett, 1st FW commander. "At the end of the day, it's all about how we come together as a team."

A total of 116 inspectors evaluated Team Langley's response to scenarios such as missile attacks, security breaches and mass casualties, all while maintaining a high operations tempo.

"There's nothing like a little bit of stress to bring the two wings closer together," said Col. Jay Pearsall, 192nd FW commander.

The 1st and 192nd Fighter Wings prepared extensively for the ORI and worked side-by-side to ensure it was a success. Langley conducted five Phase II Operational Readiness Exercises in the past eight months to hone Airmen's skills, which paid off during the inspection.

"The effort and attention to detail of the Airmen in the 1st and 192d Fighter Wings was amazing," said Lt. Col. Phillip Guy, 192nd FW Plans and Programs officer. "With an unprecedented 221-0 kill ratio during the ORI, Team Langley demonstrated that the F-22 Raptor is more than ready for combat operations."
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