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JBLE announces restrictions to base access

By Col. Clint Ross 633rd Air Base WIng


Effective 1 April, JBLE will further limit installation access for Langley Air Force Base and Fort Eustis.

This action is consistent with both the JBLE Public Health Emergency declaration issued on March 27th, and Governor Northam’s Stay-At-Home order issued on March 30th. The full text of Governor Northam’s executive order, including all restrictions and exemptions, can be found at https://www.governor.virginia.gov/media/governorvirginiagov/executive-actions/EO-55-Temporary-Stay-at-Home-Order-Due-to-Novel-Coronavirus-(COVID-19).pdf

These restrictions are necessary to protect the health and safety of all personnel assigned to JBLE, while simultaneously maintaining operational readiness. These restrictions will also reduce the risk for COVID-19 exposure to all who work or live on JBLE.

Only those individuals who are deemed mission-critical will be allowed daily access to the installation. Until further notice, all other personnel, to include Retirees and VHIC card holders and retiree dependents, are only allowed entry on Monday and Tuesday.

Mission-critical personnel include all active duty, guard, reserve, government civilian and contractors identified by the appropriate supervisor or unit commander. Additionally, the following categories of personnel are exempt from restrictions:

1) Active duty, reserve, guard personnel, and their dependents with ID cards seeking essential installation support services (i.e. Healthcare, Commissary, BX/PX, Exchange Mart).

2) Any beneficiary (to include Retirees) with a previously scheduled appointment with medical, dental or other base service provider (i.e. appointment for a new ID Card).

3) Residents of Hunt Housing Community and Balfour Beatty Community as well as their visitors who possess a base pass. New passes will only be issued with unit commander/director or above approval.

4) Approved residents of Bethel Recreational Area (FAMCAMP), Fort Eustis Outdoor Recreation RV Park and Lodging/TLF.

5) United States Postal Service, UPS, Amazon, Grocery Delivery Services (Instacart) and other previously authorized official delivery services will continue. Fast food deliveries will not be allowed access to the base. Personnel can retrieve fast food deliveries from the Visitor Control Center.

Retirees and their families who are TRICARE beneficiaries and are unable to pick up prescriptions on the designated days, may use network pharmacies for urgent needs. Members are also highly encouraged to take advantage of the TRICARE mail order pharmacy and can call 1-877-363-1303 to transfer their prescription and speak to a pharmacist 24/7.

This situation is serious and rapidly changing, so these measures, while inconvenient, are being implemented to prevent unnecessary risk. Our service members and their families, live, work and thrive here, and we’re treating this invisible threat like any other enemy. Our leadership team is doing everything we can to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 across the Peninsula. Alongside our community partners we have a unified effort to combat this virus both inside and outside the gates.


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