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Fort Eustis Commissary offers online shopping service

By Rick Brink | DeCA Public Affairs | Nov. 7, 2018


The Defense Commissary Agency’s online shopping and curbside pickup service known as CLICK2GO is now available to Fort Eustis, Virginia, Commissary shoppers. 

“I’m excited for our customers to be able to do internet shopping,” said Ramon Miller, Fort Eustis Commissary store director. “Many have been asking about it for some time.”

To use CLICK2GO, authorized commissary shoppers can access the system via the agency’s new customer portal. An initial sign-up is required the first time accessing the site. On DeCA’s website, www.commissaries.com, users can also access the portal and learn more about the service at the site’s CLICK2GO section.

Once in CLICK2GO, customers select from commissary products offered online based on the store’s stock assortment. After products are selected, the shopper selects a pickup time and completes the checkout process. The only thing left to do is arrive at curbside at the appointed time, and pay. Once at curbside, commissary workers will load the groceries in the shopper’s car for no charge.

“In today’s busy world, convenience is key,” said Willie Watkins, DeCA’s eBusiness chief. “We’re pleased to bring this new CLICK2GO service under our new customer portal to Fort Eustis shoppers and are sure they will be pleased with the convenience it brings.”

Three other commissaries offer a CLICK2GO service, however those stores run on a different business system. Commissaries at Fort Lee, Virginia, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska and Travis Air Force Base, California, have offered the service since 2013. Rollout to other commissaries using the new model coming on line at Fort Eustis is pending the rollout of the agency’s new business and checkout systems.

Follow the link to complete initial sign up, https://commissaries.com/rewards-and-savings/mycommissary.

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