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April 3, 2006

UCC is open for business, still some are searching for an ER

Although the Langley hospital transitioned the Emergency Room to an Urgent Care Clinic nearly five months ago, not much has changed.The emergency room saw approximately one emergent patient every six days, and now that the transition is complete the hospital still sees about that number, according to the Col. Kory Cornum, 1st Medical Group

April 3, 2006

1st FW comptrollers keep money flowing at Manas

Money makes Manas Air Base go ‘round, and four 1st Fighter Wing comptrollers deployed there keep the Kyrgystan base spinning.The four-person team arrived at Manas in the beginning of January. Along with a NCO from Malmstrom AFB, the comptrollers are tasked with providing all financial services for more than 900 deployed Air Force people and all

April 3, 2006

Learn from the past to prevent future safety mishaps

Safety -- the word probably doesn’t get you excited or incite any passion. When you go to work in the morning, the first thing you think about is probably NOT safety.But safety is important, and if you’re part of the Air Force family, you have a responsibility to not only safeguard the billions of dollars of inventory we have, but also to ensure

April 3, 2006

Air Force women help save convoy

The lives of four women and their convoy team changed forever Dec. 5.They were ambushed that night. Insurgents from a village outside of Balad Air Base, Iraq, fired on the convoy, injuring two as they drove back to the base.Airman 1st Class Nicole O’Hara, a convoy gunner deployed from Langley, said it was “just a normal convoy” when the day

April 3, 2006

RRF due date passes, volunteer application deadline approaches fast

The deadline was Feb. 15 for senior raters to provide lieutenants in the 2002 and 2003 year groups eligible to meet the 2006 Force Shaping board a copy of their retention recommendation forms.The retention recommendation form will be included in the officer’s central selection record along with performance reports, training reports, decorations,

April 3, 2006

Innovative command chief relies on experience to shape today’s troops

With one look at him, it is apparent that the 1st Fighter Wing command chief is a throwback to an era when Airmen didn’t ask questions or think about getting out at the end of their first enlistment, but first impressions can be deceiving.Chief Master Sgt. James C. Johnson was assigned as Langley’s command chief in October. The Radcliff, Ky.,

April 3, 2006

Cell phone use is restricted on military bases

Defense Department installations have begun implementing new cell phone restrictions for drivers on military bases.Langley officials designated Monday to implement the new rule.The new regulation, published in the Federal Register in April 2005, states that anyone driving a motor vehicle on a DoD installation cannot use a cell phone unless the

April 3, 2006

1st FW Airmen break records, pioneer skills at WSEP

Two weeks in Florida led to two more historic steps for Langley ... but if this sounds like just another Raptor story, keep reading.Twelve F-15 Eagles from the 71st Fighter Squadron and four F-22A Raptors from the 27th FS were flown to Tyndall Air Force Base Feb. 4-17 to tackle various missile tests at Combat Archer, the Air Force’s live-fire,

April 3, 2006

Langley Airman dies in helo crash

In less than a week, Staff Sgt. Luis M. Melendez Sanchez made a positive impression on his co-workers as a radio operator at the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa.Remembered as a “quiet leader,” Sergeant Melendez, deployed from the 1st Communications Squadron, died Feb. 17 with eight Marines and another Airman when two Marine Corps CH-53E

March 30, 2006

Get more for your money in the Langley Thrift Shop

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” quips Sandy Wade as she places two Christmas dolls in front of the Langley Thrift Shop register.Mrs. Wade is a thrift shop connoisseur.“You can find the neatest things at a thrift shop.”She spends her free time browsing over shelves and racks of other people’s stuff.Today she is purchasing dolls for her