Room 123

Hours of Operation: 0800 – 1630 Monday- Friday. 

Appointment Times: 0830 – 1540 Monday - Friday.

Issue and renew Active, Reserves, National Guard, Family Member, Civilians and other eligible personnel ID cards.  DEERS enrollment and updates. 

Telephone:      (757) 878-0948 / 2564


ID Card Appointment Scheduler:  

Click on the link above and follow the steps below:

  • Click Continue on the “ID Card Office Locator & Appointments Tab.”

  • Enter “23604” for the location.

  • Click on the “Appointments Tab.”

  • Enter a “Date Range.”

  • Click on the “Search Tab.”

  • Click “Select” under the “JBLE, FT. EUSTIS Tab.”

  • Click the “Schedule an Appointment Tab."

 ** 7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary) ID card section is located at Bldg. 820 Monroe Avenue Room 141 for CAC card issuance and Pin resets only.  All Family member transactions are taken care here at bldg. 650 room 123.

 General Information


- CAC Card customers may retrieve their DD 1172-2 at the following site: (RAPIDS Self Service portal).

The “help” function will walk you through the creation of the form and allow for a digital signature (must be digitally signed if family member is being serviced without the sponsor present).

The Sponsor Signature is required on Form DD1172-2 for processing of all dependent IDs. The Sponsor can sign the form at the time of processing the Dependent ID card or the Sponsor can have the DD1172-2 signed and notarized in advance by printing the DD1172-2 from Government forms if the Sponsor will not be in attendance when the Dependent ID is processed.


2 Valid proof of ID documents required for issuance of an ID Card for all customers 18 years old and older along with a signed DD1172-2 if the sponsor is not present:

Dependents ages 10-17 are required to have 1 form of state or federal issued ID. It does not have to be a photo.  Example: Social Security card, Birth Cert., Passport.

Primary:  state or federal issued photo ID (military ID, drivers license, passport, etc.).

Secondary: state or federal (social security card, voter’s registration card).

All documents presented must be original or certified and cannot be expired, to include State Drivers License.  Documents shown on a cell phone are not acceptable.

Lost/stolen CAC card:  (applies to ALL CAC holders)

A police report; report from installation security officer; memorandum from the activity’s security manager;  individual’s supervisor; the sponsoring Trusted Agent (TASS); counselling statement; or memo from Cdr/1SG is required.  Required in addition to two forms of ID (see Primary & Secondary above).

College Students over 21 but under 23:

Must have a letter from school registrar or The National Student Clearinghouse with student’s full name, course start date, expected date of graduation,  and full-time student enrollment status is mandatory from an Accredited College / University.  The letter must have the College / University name and contact phone number.


  1. My Military Spouse is away from the area and my ID Card is about to expire.  What do I need to get a new ID?

a. You must have a digitally signed 1172-2 from the Military Sponsor or a notarized Power of Attorney from the Military Sponsor.

2. My Military Spouse is not available to enroll our child into DEERS.  Can I enroll them in his/her absence? 

a. You can if you have a notarized Power of Attorney giving you the authority to do so from the Sponsor.  You will also need the child’s original birth certificate and Social Security Card or the Hospital Proof of Birth (if the child is a newborn).

3. I came in to get a new ID card as a Walk-In Customer before 1500 hours but there was a sign out stating Appointments Only. No new customers were being taken due to COVID 19.  "WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPOINTMENTS ONLY."

a. Here at the Fort Eustis ID Card/DEERS facility, once a customer pull a ticket number for services, we are required to provide requested services to that customer before the close of the business day which is 1630.  We continuously monitor the number of customers waiting to be seen to ensure that ALL ticket holding customers can be serviced before closing time.  In the event that there are too many customer waiting to be seen before closing time, we reserve the right to stop taking new customers for the day in order to service all customers.  Appointments have priority over non-appointments.