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1st Maintenance Group

April 9, 2011

The 1st Maintenance Group's mission is to rapidly deploy and employ 46 combat-ready F-22 Raptor aircraft worth $6.7 billion, teamed with the 1st Operations Group to comprise Air Combat Command's most historic air combat units -- America’s First Team: the 1st Fighter Wing.

 The Virginia Air National Guard's 192d Maintenance Group is a Classic Associate partner and the groups operate as one -- generating, launching and recovering over 6,000 sorties a year. The groups' 1,382 active duty, civilian and ANG personnel are aligned in 81 work centers, with 55 facilities, 113 vehicles and an annual operating budget of $1.7 million.                                                          .

1st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

AMXS is the focal point for planning, directing and accomplishing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions on 46 F-22 aircraft in support of the wing's sortie generation activities. Utilizing an $82 million equipment inventory, the squadron performs on-aircraft maintenance including inspections, servicing, and launch and recovery actions to maintain the fleet in mission-ready status. AMXS is comprised of over 420 personnel in the tactical aircraft maintenance (crew chief), weapons loading, avionics, supply and personnelist specialties.  AMXS rapidly generates, mobilizes, deploys and employs forces to provide combat air dominance and ground attack capabilities. The squadron is comprised of the 27th and 94th Aircraft Maintenance Units (AMUs), aligned with the 1st Operations Group's 27th and 94th Fighter Squadrons, respectively. The squadron also manages the Aircraft Cannibalization and Packaged Maintenance Plan dock, hot refueling activities, mobility, and other support functions.


1st Maintenance Squadron

MXS provides both on- and off-aircraft maintenance support for the wing's F-22 fleet as well as numerous external customers. The squadron is comprised of 531 personnel (and 160 ANG partners) in 17 different AFSCs and organized in 9 diverse flights. MXS personnel provide expertise, repair and overhaul capabilities for egress, fuels, armament, structural and low observable systems. MXS also maintains the wing's fleet of F119-PW-100 engines; calibrates and repairs test, measurement and diagnostic equipment for customers across DoD and other government agencies; and maintains and stores one of the most sophisticated munitions inventories in the Air Force, a stockpile worth $54 million.

Group Staff Agencies

The Maintenance Group also includes three direct-reporting agencies: Quality Assurance, Weapons Standardization and Maintenance Operations, which has responsibility for command and control, plans and scheduling, maintenance management  and analysis, and training management. MXG also has several assigned Air Force Engineering and Technical Service advisors, and oversees contracted field service representatives and technicians.


(Current as of November 2018)

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