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FACTSHEET | Aug. 25, 2023

733d Logistics Readiness Squadron

The 733rd Logistics Readiness Squadron provides base operations support and services for JBLE-Eustis in order to ensure installation and expeditionary mission success. The squadron is engaged in forecasting and sustaining future readiness for land, air, and sea operations.

The central mission is to support and sustain Army Units on JBLE-Eustis provide transportation, supply, ground and aviation fuel, rail, vehicle management, mobility and port operations for installation and tenant activities. 

Operations Compliance Flight: 

This flight provides oversight of squadron compliance, accountability, and analysis.  Additionally, this flight performs task evaluations/inspections providing monthly reports enabling leadership to measure overall "health of the squadron."  Finally, the following functions fall under this entity: Quality Assurance, Training, Resource Management, Functional Systems Management, and Contract Management. 

The flight chief can be reached at (757) 878-6663.

Deployment and Distribution Flight:  

This flight is responsible for the multimodal transportation and centralized command and control, planning and execution of installation deployment operations. The Flight manages distribution of cargo, passengers and personal property. 

Installation Transportation Officer can be reached at (757) 878-5586. 

  • Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO):  Responsible for assisting military and DoD civilians with the movement of household goods for PCS, separations, and retirements to include Personally Procured Moves (PPM).  First please visit PCS and Military moves  

    The office can be reached at (757) 878-4664 or via e-mail

  • Passenger Travel Office:  Responsible for unit moves via bus and individual moves on the Patriot Express rotator IAW Defense Travel Regulations restrictions. 

    The office can be reached at (757) 878-4664 or via e-mail

  • Commercial Travel Office (CTO):  Responsible for all commercial movement of personnel via commercial/government contracted flights. 

    The office can be reached at (855) 873-9369.

  • Cargo Movement (Outbound/Receiving):  Responsible for shipping and receiving DoD cargo on Fort Eustis. 

    The office can be reached at (757) 878-5971/5006.

Vehicle Management Flight: 

This flight incorporates Vehicle Operations/Transportation Motor Pool, Rail Operations and provides overall management and maintenance of JBLE-Langley vehicle fleet of 336 diverse vehicles. . 

The Fleet Manager can be reached at (757) 878-5026.

  • Transportation Motor Pool (TMP)/Vehicle Operations:  Provides U-Drive-It (UDI) support for military and DoD civilians with a valid state driver’s license and Common Access Card (CAC) as well as shuttle bus services for AIT students. 

    The office can be reached at (757) 878-4494.

  • Rail Operations:  Responsible for the movement of cargo for real world, contingency, and exercise operations via rail on and off Fort Eustis.

Materiel Management Flight:

This flight is responsible for stocking, storing, issuing, managing, inventorying and inspecting Department of Defense supplies and equipment.  The flight can be reached at (757) 878-0332. 

For SOP Instruction, please use the 733d LRS Materiel Management SOP

Fuels Management Flight:

This flight is charged with providing quality petroleum products and cryogenic fluids.  They are responsible for ensuring these products are acquired and issued safely and efficiently to using organizations.  The flight commander can be reached at (757) 878-6096.

Harbor Master/Port Operations Flight:

The following functions fall under this entity and Harbormaster. This Flight is responsible for 24 hour management of the 40 acre 3rd Port complex on both land and sea, insuring the environmental protection, safety, and security of personnel, watercraft, vehicles, and facilities for Joint Base Langley-Eustis. 

The Flight can be reached at (757) 878-4688. 

For SOP Instruction, please use the 733d LRS Harbor Master/Port Operations SOP.