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NEWS | Feb. 7, 2014

In a world with weapons; are you weapon wise?

By Airman 1st Class Kimberly Nagle 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Knowing regulations on weapon handling at Joint Base Langley-Eustis can mean the difference between a normal day or being detained by military law enforcement for improper weapon use.

John Challis, 733rd Security Forces Squadron deputy director, believes Service members should make themselves aware of ownership rules, transportation laws and other regulations involving weapon use at JBLE.

Airmen living in the dormitories at Langley Air Force Base are not allowed to keep their weapons with them. However, they may store their weapons at the 633rd Security Forces Squadron armory, while Soldiers at Fort Eustis living in the barracks can store their weapons within their unit's armory.

Once an Airman or Soldier living in base housing purchases a weapon they are required to fill out the Air Force Form 1314, which lists what weapon they have and the amount of ammo they would like to store or keep in their home.

Members residing in base housing are also required to fill out Department of Defense Form 2760 which is used to check for prior or recent reasons they should not own a weapon. If the member is found to be charged with a crime, they will not be allowed to store their weapon in their home.

Soldiers and Airmen new to the installations may store their weapons at the 733rd SFS armory in order to allow them time to fill out the proper forms, as will the 633rd SFS armory.

Once registered through their respective armory, weapon owners at Langley AFB and Fort Eustis may store their weapons at base and post housing.

"Many of our [Service members] don't know they can store their weapons at [JBLE]," said U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Mark Walker, 633rd SFS, armorer. "Whether living on-or off-base, personnel have the opportunity to keep their weapons close by."

At Fort Eustis, Soldiers must approach their unit's armory for guidance as different units have various rules concerning access, while Airmen on Langley AFB must register through their first sergeant, commander and the armory office.

Langley AFB Airmen may check out their weapons from the armory for up to 72 hours. If they wish to extend the time, they must receive approval from their first sergeants and commanders.

When carriers bring a weapon onto an installation, regardless of a concealed carry permit, they must inform the officer at the entrance there is a weapon in the vehicle, and they cannot bring the weapon into any government building.

Additionally, when carrying a weapon in a vehicle, handlers must store the weapon and ammunition in different areas, said Challis.

Although Service members have a right to own a weapon, they must follow the regulations of JBLE to bring their weapon onto an installation.

For questions or more information contact the 633rd SFS armory at 574-5295, or contact their unit's armory.