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NEWS | Aug. 4, 2014

Critical days, Critical decisions: bicycling safety

By Senior Airman Brittany Murphy 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

During the summer season, risk management is important to consider both on and off-duty when participating in activities like bicycling.

Bicycling is an activity in which risk management and safety are of high importance due to the increased risk of death and crash-related injuries that occur in conjunction with motor vehicles.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electric Injury Surveillance System, in 2012 the estimated number of bicycle injuries exceeded 500,000.

Obeying the following rules of the road can potentially save a life.

· Ride with the flow of traffic
· Yield to traffic
· Stay alert at all times
· Look before turning
· Use bike lanes or paths, if available
· Follow traffic signs/ lights

The American League of Bicyclists lists five main rules of the road; obey the law, be predictable, be conspicuous, think ahead and ride ready.

Bicycle safety is an important factor to consider prior to, as well as during each bicycle ride. A few safety tips include:

· Wear a bicycle helmet
· Adjust your bicycle to fit
· Check equipment
· Control the bicycle
· Avoid riding at night

By following these rules of the road, military members can keep not only themselves safe but their families as well during the Critical Days of Summer.

For further questions about bicycle safety, contact the 633rd Air Base Wing Safety Office at 633ABW/