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NEWS | April 28, 2008

AF Fitness Month: Take the challenge

By Staff Reports Langley Health and Wellness Center

Every May, the Air Force celebrates National Fitness Month.

Many people may look forward to this time and all of the special fitness events offered throughout the month. For others, the increased emphasis on fitness may bring up negative associations.

It's unfortunate that exercise, which can be fun and life-enhancing, isn't always perceived as a beneficial and rewarding. If there was a medicine on the market that could elevate one's mood, prevent obesity, reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers, the drug would be a best-seller. The good news is there's no need for such a drug because exercise does all of that - and more.

Three of the most common reasons why people report not exercising regularly are a lack of time, a lack of enjoyment or a lack of self-discipline.

When it comes to overcoming barriers to exercise, Ms. Monica Cohen, an exercise physiologist and Langley's fitness program manager, said "Start where you are. If you're doing nothing, then do something. If you're doing something, then do a little more. Set attainable, short-term goals to keep yourself motivated."

Throughout May, the Shellbank Fitness Center and Langley Health and Wellness Center will team up to offer the "May Fitness Challenge" in the hopes of putting the fun back in fitness.

The challenge, which is open to everyone at any fitness level, is for people to participate in as many fitness events as possible. 

In addition to regular fitness and aerobics classes, the fitness center will host several special events, including two 5K fun run/walks, a CrossFit competition, kickball and dodgeball tournaments, a bench press competition and an aerobathon. 

The HAWC will give away prizes to those who participate in a minimum of 12 different events throughout the month. For the truly dedicated, an additional prize will be given to those who participate in 24 or more different fitness events during May. 

For a list of fitness events and fitness log, click here.

Take the challenge; for more information, visit or call the HAWC at 764-6321.