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NEWS | Dec. 8, 2008

Winter Moving Tips

By Langley Personal Property Processing Office 1st Logistic Readiness Squadron

All personnel moving during the winter months should be aware snow and sleet storms may delay pickup and delivery of your household goods. 

Although we can control the commercial mover, we cannot control the weather. Prepare yourself for that unexpected happening by giving yourself some flexibility. It's your move and Langley's Personal Property Processing Office will do whatever is necessary to make it as smooth as possible, but we need your help and understanding if the weather is uncooperative. 

To minimize inconvenience should severe weather occur, plan an extra day or two between your scheduled pickup and departure date. Leave phone and other utilities connected until all property has been picked up. Remember that it's your responsibility to clear driveways and walkways of snow and ice, this includes outdoor storage sheds. Failure to do so will delay your move. 

Other things to remember when your moving date arrives are: 

· Get up early and be ready for the movers. 

· Get pets under control before movers arrive; perhaps see if they can stay with a neighbor. 

· Make sure cash, jewelry, important documents such as passports, birth certificates, airline tickets and valuable items are secure. 

· Verify the mover's inventory is detailed, complete and accurate. Don't accept any "miscellaneous" labels or entries, especially for valuable items. 

· If your inventory is inaccurate, tell the carrier's representative and write down why you disagree at the bottom of the inventory in the space marked for exceptions. 

· Disconnect electrical appliances such as washer, dryer and stereo components. 

· Ensure any outdoor items, i.e. play equipment or lawn furniture has been disassembled and is free of snow and or ice. 

· Ensure all overseas shipments have seals applied to the container and are recorded on the descriptive inventory prior to removal from the residence. 

· Do a final walkthrough prior to the carrier departing to ensure all inventoried items have been removed from the residence and loaded on the truck. 

· Keep the Langley PPPO Quality Assurance phone number on hand. If any problems or questions arise. In case of problems on the day of your pack, pickup or delivery, call 764-7503. After hours, call 764-5714. 

Additionally, you can locate numerous resources that may assist you throughout your move via the AF MOVE Web site at: 

Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations by providing timely and efficient quality movement of Department of Defense and Coast Guard personal property, through highly motivated and professional employees dedicated to obtaining the best valued service to meet our customer needs.