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NEWS | May 7, 2009

Esprit de corps – a way of life

By Airman 1st Class Josemari T. Feliciano 1st Fighter Wing Legal Office

Teamwork, pride, a sense of community and purpose are all attributes and attitudes that every command strives to attain.

When properly developed and nurtured, they come together to create a special bond among its people -- esprit de corps.

Building and maintaining esprit de corps must be a way of life at every level of a command. Day in and day out, a successful command looks for and seizes opportunities to create this climate.

A successful and vibrant command encourages Airmen to work together to achieve their mission. That sense of community builds synergy and a common sense of purpose that cannot be quantified. As a result, Airmen take pride in their accomplishments as a team.

This sense of pride and ownership is apparent in all of the best units, large and small. You notice it the first time you walk through the door, and continue to observe it every day in the standards of professionalism that the Airmen maintain.

An Airman's pride is seen in their overall appearance, the cleanliness of their spaces, and can-do attitude. Pride creates and maintains esprit de corps.

Remembering the deeds of those who served before us, honoring their sacrifices, and aspiring to their commitment can foster that same spirit.