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NEWS | March 29, 2006

Langley SJA offers advice for storing, owning and carrying weapons on base

By Maj. Sandra Kent Assistant Staff Judge Advocate

If you live in military housing, including on base or Bethel Manor, you must register any firearm you own with the 1st Security Forces Squadron, located at 65 Sweeney Blvd, building 355, within 72 hours of purchase or arrival here.

You must file a completed AF Form 1314, Firearms Registration, for each privately owned firearm with the armory. The armory will keep one copy of the registration, and a copy will be given to the military member’s orderly room. You will keep the original form.

If you live in single living quarters, such as the dormitories, or are staying in a lodging facility, you must also store privately owned firearms and ammunition in the security forces armory.

However, if you live in military family housing, safe storage of your firearm, such as in a fire proof lock box, is authorized in your house.

Possession of concealed firearms is not authorized on the installation, unless transporting the weapon to a storage facility. Not even personnel who have been issued a concealed weapon permit by the Commonwealth of Virginia are allowed to carry a concealed weapon on the installation. Privately owned firearms must always be unloaded and ammunition physically separated from the firearm.

As for dangerous weapons, the following are prohibited on base:

  • Any weapon that shoots automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger
  • Any dagger/dirk, switchblade, butterfly knife or stiletto
  • Knives with blades over 3.5 inches are illegal to carry on or about your person unless actively engaged for the purpose of completing assigned duties, fishing or hunting
  • Brass or iron knuckles

    Chemical defensive sprays and stun guns are permissible, but only as a means of self-defense.