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News | Oct. 13, 2006

Phase II kicks off Monday

By Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Doscher 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

People living in and around Langley may hear more than birds and passing cars early Monday morning when the 1st Fighter Wing kicks off its week-long Phase II exercise, maneuvers designed to simulate working in a wartime environment. 

Residents will hear announcements over the Giant Voice system, loud explosions, warning sirens and the pitter-patter of small arms fire. 

Phase II exercises prepare Airmen to operate in a war zone, simulating a time approximately 30 days after landing in-country. 

"At this point, we are ready to take the fight to the enemy," said Master Sgt. Kenneth Jordan, 1st FW Exercises and Evaluations superintendent. 

Local residents should be prepared to hear things that are out of the ordinary, Sergeant Jordan said. 

"They're going to hear simulated explosions starting after midnight on Sunday all the way up to the end on Friday," he said. "They may hear small arms fire, and there will be night flying. We'll be flying around the clock." 

Sergeant Jordan said it is important to simulate a wartime environment as closely as possible. 

"Anyone who watches a war on CNN knows a war goes on 24 hours a day," he said. "This is our preparation for being able to operate in that kind of environment." 

While the flightline and other key areas of the base will be "in play," most people who come to Langley to shop at the BX or play golf will not see a difference. 

"There should be no trouble getting to these areas," he said. 

However, people driving near the golf course or using the NASA gate should be careful of increased traffic. 

"Our simulated deployed tent city will be set up in the area," Sergeant Jordan said. 

The exercise will start Monday and end Friday.
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