Enlisted Reassignments/Actions


Room 130

0730-1630 Monday - Friday

(757) 878-5392


Review and verify the eligibility of those who receive Assignment Instructions; notify Soldier and S1/chain of command of assignment; schedule reassignment briefing; provide and assist Soldiers with completion of paperwork for family travel, if applicable; publish PCS orders.

Information is at your fingertips as you plan your relocation.  Access website https://installations.militaryonesource.mil/ for all you need to know about your next installation and surrounding communities.  This website contains links to individual installation ACSIM (Housing and Relocation) websites and other websites regarding location.

 Family travel processing

All family members eligible to accompany Soldiers to his/her overseas location must be medically screened at a Army Medical Facility to determine if any exceptional Family member medical and/or educational needs exist.  The reassignment work center will provide Soldiers with the appropriate forms.  Once completed, the work center forwards the request for family travel to the overseas command for approval.


Mandatory for PVT/E-1 to SSG/E-6 and ALL Soldiers on AI to Europe regardless of rank. Request a sponsor by completing DA Form 5434 in the TASP Module in ACT. ACT tracks Soldier from initial assignment instructions until physically arriving to their new unit.   

Personnel Actions

Verify eligibility for requested action in accordance with applicable regulations and directives.  Process requests for (not all inclusive) deletion, deferment, high school stabilizations, SQI, ASI, PDSI, married army couple program (MACP), foreign language proficiency pay (FLPP), OCONUS and emergency leaves & compassionate reassignment.  Soldiers must initiate requested action through their unit S1 for processing through the MPD.