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FACTSHEET | May 4, 2021

633d Mission Support Group

The 633d Mission Support Group provides mission-ready expeditionary Airmen to COCOM operations worldwide. As Air Combat Command’s largest group and only joint base, its 2200 personnel across five squadrons provide mission support for HQ ACC, four operational wings and more than 20 major associate units. The Group provides civil engineering, security, communications services, logistics readiness and force support for a 3,600 acre base community supporting 145,000 military members, civilians and retirees.

The 633d Mission Support Group organizations are:

633d Civil Engineering Squadron


The 633d CES provides 444 military members and civilians to prepare and sustain natural and built infrastructure on the oldest active Air Force airfield valued at $521 million. The squadron designs, constructs, maintains, repairs and protects 651 facilities and 3,644 acres to support all JBLE military members, dependents, civilians and retirees, and $2.4 billion in mission assets. Finally, 633d CES provides broad spectrum services to include fire and emergency services, emergency management, explosive ordnance disposal and asset management.

633d Communications Squadron



The 633d CS provides full-spectrum communications supporting worldwide warfighting missions. The Squadron designs, implements, operates and maintains $180 million in voice, data, network, radio frequency, and knowledge management systems for Headquarters Air Combat Command, five wings, more than 20 major associate units and 470 Department of Defense sites as well as antenna maintenance for 60 sites. Finally, 633 CS manages a $4 million annual budget and 267 people to meet communications needs for 145,000 active-duty military members, civilians and retirees.

633d Contracting Squadron



The 633d Contracting Squadron enables worldwide combat readiness and mission sustainability to Joint Base Langley-Eustis mission partners though the acquisition of supplies, services and construction requirements on a best value basis.  633 CONS manages a portfolio of service and construction contracts that exceeds $500M dollars and annually executes 1500 plus contract actions valued at over $140M.  633 CONS supports Headquarters Air Combat Command, U.S. Army TRADOC three Wings, two Brigades and over 20 associate units. 

633d Logistics Readiness Squadron



Provides worldwide expeditionary combat logistics to one of Air Combat Command's largest fighter wings, 46 F-22A Raptors, 14 T-38s and transient aircraft. The Squadron services Headquarters ACC, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, four operational wings, eight Army Brigades and 47 major associate units, providing premier materiel management, transportation, mobility, and fuels support. The 633d LRS leads deployment readiness for 18,000 Joint Base Langley-Eustis Air Force and Army personnel, is responsible for U.S. Army mobility missions embarking from Langley AFB, and supports Operation Noble Eagle missions.


633d Force Support Squadron




The 633d FSS promotes readiness for worldwide warfighting missions by providing superior military and civilian support, leisure and recreation, youth services, lodging, food service, Airmen and family reintegration support, education counseling, enlisted professional military education and manpower resource control. The Squadron supports Headquarters Air Combat Command, 633d Air Base Wing, 1st Fighter Wing, 192nd FW, 735th Supply chain Management Group, 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing and more than 162 units in 18 major commands and forward operating areas, to include 8292 military members, 5,000 civilians, 32,000 family members, and 100,000 retirees.

633d Security Forces Squadron



The 633d SFS provides 325 deployable forces to combatant commanders and force protection for 11,250 base personnel, 32,000 family members, and 100,000 retirees and $6.9 billion in Department of Defense assets. Additionally, the 633d SFS secures two squadrons of F-22 Raptors and a T-38 Aggressor squadron, trains 8,700 military members on combat arms, maintains 10 military working dogs, and operates a 20-vehicle fleet. Lastly, The 633d SFS sustains 67 total UTCs comprised of 297 personnel.

Trespass Notice: The Joint Base Langley-Eustis Combat Arms Firing Range and the bullet impact area, 100 meters to the rear, left, and right of the range, are off limits to all personnel. This danger area is marked off with “No Trespass” signs to prevent individuals from entering the bullet impact area. Due to live-fire of weapons, trespassing in this area is illegal and dangerous. The firing range is rated for 24 hour operations; hence it is a Controlled Area 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Joint Base Langley-Eustis does not permit the firing of personally owned weapons at any time on the range.



(Current as of November 2022)