Joint Base Langley-Eustis


EMP 3.0 EMP Dictionary.pdf
EMP 4.2 Environmental Policy.pdf
EMP 4.2 Tab 1 EMS Policy Dec 2015.pdf
EMP 4.3.1 Environmental Aspects.pdf
EMP 4.3.1 Tab 1 Aspect and Impact Analysis and Significant Rating Procedure.pdf
EMP 4.3.1 Tab 2 Significant Aspects Impacts.pdf
EMP 4.3.2 Legal and Other Requirements.pdf
EMP 4.3.3 Objectives, Targets, and Programs.pdf
EMP 4.3.3 Tab 1 Environmental Management Programs and Action Plans.pdf
EMP 4.4.2 Environmental Awareness and Competency Training.pdf
EMP 4.4.2 Tab 1 Job Titles, Duty Descriptions, and Responsibilities of Key Positions.pdf
EMP 4.4.2 Tab 2 Environmental Management Training Programs of Instructions (POIs).pdf
EMP 4.4.2 Tab 4 AEC, UEC and HWC Appointment FEVA Form 32-643.pdf
EMP 4.4.2 Tab 5 ESOHTN Log-in Training Procedures.pdf
EMP 4.4.2 Tab 6 Training Report.xls
EMP 4.4.2 Tab 7 AF Portal and eDASH Access Procedures.pdf
EMP 4.4.3 Environmental Communication.pdf
EMP 4.4.3 Tab 1 Environmental Communications Internal Comm Plan.pdf
EMP 4.4.3 Tab 2 Environmental Communication External Comm Plan.pdf
EMP 4.4.4 Environmental Documentation.pdf
EMP 4.4.4 Tab 1 Activity Functional Area Continuity Book (FACB).pdf
EMP 4.4.4 Tab 2 Environmental Program Manager’s Functional Area Continuity Book (FACB).pdf
EMP 4.4.4 Tab 3 Commander Director Chain of Custody Log FEVA Form 32-634.xlsx
EMP 4.4.5 Environmental Document Control.pdf
EMP 4.4.5 Tab 1 Document Control Level 1.xls
EMP 4.4.5 Tab 2 Document Control Level 2.pdf
EMP 4.4.5 Tab 3 Document Control Level 3.xls
EMP Air Pollution Management.pdf
EMP Tab 1 Air Quality Program Reporting Requirements.pdf
EMP Tab 2 Air Quality Program Reporting FEVA Form 32-610.xls
EMP Stationary Air Pollution Source Requirements.pdf
EMP Guidance for Preparation of O and M Plans.pdf
EMP Outdoor Burning.pdf
EMP Ozone Depleting Chemicals.pdf
EMP NESHAP For Renovation and Demolition.pdf
EMP Wastewater (WW)-Stormwater (SW) Management.pdf
EMP Wastewater Management (WWM).pdf
EMP Stormwater Management (SWM).pdf
EMP MCM 3 Illicit Discharge Detection Elimination (IDDE) Program.pdf
EMP Noise Inquiries and Compliants.pdf
EMP Drinking Water Resource Management (DWRM).pdf
EMP Ground Water Withdraw (Wells).pdf
EMP Pollution Prevention.pdf
EMP Affirmative and Green Procurement.pdf
EMP Tab 1 Comprehensive Procurement Guideline Report FEVA Form 32-671.xls
EMP Tab 2 Recovered Materials Determination FEVA Form 32-672.xls
EMP Tab 3 Exemption Certification FEVA Form 32-673.xls
EMP Green Meetings.pdf
EMP Installation Hazardous Materials Program (IHMP).pdf
EMP Tab 1 Hazardous Materials Storage and Container Management.pdf
EMP Tab 2 Monthly Hazardous Material Site Inspections FEVA Form 32-680.xls
EMP Tab 3 Installation Hazardous Materials Management Process (IHMMP) Team Charter.pdf
EMP HazMart Operations.pdf
EMP Tab 1 HazMart Authorization and Order Form FEVA Form 32-681.xls
EMP Tab 2 Shop Codes and Names.xls
EMP Tab 3 Process Codes.xlsx
EMP Tab 4 Contractor HazMart Registration Form FEVA Form 32-682.xls
EMP Tab 5 HazMart Inspection Checklist FEVA Form 32-683.xls
EMP Tab 6 Hazardous Materials Manager (HMM) Appointment FEVA Form 32-684.xls
EMP Solid Waste and Recycling Management.pdf
EMP Tab 1 Solid Waste and Recycling Disposition Guide.xls
EMP Collection, Disposition, and Reporting of Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials.pdf
EMP Tab 1 Solid Waste and Recycling from Maintenance Operations.pdf
EMP Tab 2 Fire Extinguisher Turn-in Document.xlsx
EMP Tab 3 C and D Waste Generation and Recycling Report FEVA Form 32-675.xls
EMP E - Wastes and E - Recycling.pdf
EMP Tab 1 Memorandum for Record Degaussing FEVA Form 32-664.doc
EMP Tab 2 Operation of the Manual Hard Drive Degausser.pdf
EMP Tab 3 Unclassified Hard Drive Turn-in Document FEVA Form 32-666.xls
EMP Hazardous Waste Management (HWM).pdf
EMP Tab 1 Waste Description Log FEVA Form 32-697.xls
EMP Tab 2 HWM Special Procedures for Unique Wastes.pdf
EMP Tab 3 Installation Clean Soil Program.pdf
EMP Hazardous Waste Accumulation Facility (HWAF) Operations.pdf
EMP Tab 1 DD Form 1348-1A Disposal Turn-In Document (DTID).pdf
EMP Tab 2 Instructions for Container Contents Log (CCL) FEVA Form 32-646.pdf
EMP Tab 6 Emergency Notification FEVA Form 32-700.pdf
EMP Hazardous, Universal, and Non Hazardous Waste Accumulation Site Management.pdf
EMP HW, UW, NHW, Abandoned, Empty, and Large Container Management.pdf
EMP Universal Waste (UW) Lamps.pdf
EMP Tab 1 HWAF UW Lamp Processing.pdf
EMP Battery Recycling and Disposal Management.pdf
EMP Management of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW).pdf
EMP Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP).pdf
EMP TAB 1 Request for Environmental Impact Analysis.pdf
EMP Tab 2 Federal Consistency Determinations.pdf
EMP Natural Resource Management.pdf
EMP Tab 1 INRMP.pdf
EMP Tab 2 Invasive Species Management.pdf
EMP Tab 3 Wildlife and Habitat Management.pdf
EMP Tab 4 Deer Management.pdf
EMP Tab 5 Turkey Management.pdf
EMP Tab 6 Furbearer Management.pdf
EMP Tab 7 Wetlands Management.pdf
EMP Tab 8 Commercial Forestry.pdf
EMP Tab 9 Urban Forestry.pdf
EMP Tab 10 Non-Recreational Wildlife Harvest Programs.pdf
EMP Cultural Resource Management.pdf
EMP Integrated Pest Management (IPM).pdf
EMP Tab 1 Principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as per DoD Program .pdf
EMP Tab 2 Priorities for Pest Management Operations.pdf
EMP Tab 3 Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPMP).pdf
EMP Tab 4 Accreditation, training, and certification for Pest Management Operations.pdf
EMP Tab 5 Approving Pesticides and Pest Management Materials.pdf
EMP Tab 6 Reporting Pest Management Operations and Pesticide Use.pdf
EMP Tab 7 Preparation, submission and validation of the Aerial Spray Statement of Need.pdf
EMP Tab 8 Monthly and Annual Reporting Requirements for Pest Control.pdf
EMP Tab 9 Imported Red Fire Ant Quarantine.pdf
EMP Asbestos.pdf
EMP Tab 1 Asbestos Abatement Plan Requirements.pdf




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