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NEWS | Dec. 3, 2013

Hand-to-hand: Combatives instructor 'throws down' knowledge

By Airman 1st Class Austin Harvill 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The modern U.S. Army Soldier learns combat in all forms. From basic shooting techniques to complicated tactical maneuvering, the Army constantly evolves its combative techniques to stay one step ahead of the enemy.

Staff Sgt. David Scott, Fort Eustis Modern Army Combatives Program instructor, believes the most important tool Soldiers have is right at their fingertips - literally.

"In our profession as Soldiers, we are always a target whether we are in uniform or not," explained Scott. "At the end of the day, the only weapon you have at all times is yourself, and it is important to train with that weapon just like any other."

Since discovering MACP more than 15 years ago, Scott has devoted almost his entire Army career to honing his skills and giving Soldiers the training they need to defend themselves at home and abroad as the only full-time MACP instructor on the installation.

Scott hasn't stopped there, however. After arriving at Fort Eustis two years ago, he began working as a professional instructor in Brazilian jiu-jitsu while also training in muay thai. Furthermore, he has utilized his skills to help the Newport News Police Department develop training programs for the entire force, ranging from new recruits to veteran special investigators.

Rashad Brown, NNPD police officer and muay thai instructor, explained how Scott offered his expertise to the NNPD, and fostered a relationship with the community in the process.

"[Scott] doesn't train people on how to fight - he shows them how to defend," said Brown. "He worked with the cops one-on-one to help them grow -- all on his own time."

Brown and Scott worked weekends and after duty to make multiple changes to training programs across the NNPD. After finishing up writing new instructions, Scott offered to hold the training sessions at the MACP facility on Fort Eustis after his scheduled Army classes.

"Since that first training session, it is safe to say the cops love him," said Brown. "His training style is easy to understand and his technique is flawless. He has become a valuable asset to us, and more importantly to the citizens of Newport News who now have a better-equipped police force."

After training with the cops, Scott doesn't take a break. Starting at 5 p.m. during weekdays, he is either on his way to teach class, train or spend some time with his family, who also devotes their free time to martial arts.

"My son is enrolled in a BJJ school in Yorktown where I instruct," said Scott. "My wife works as an administrator at the school, so really it is our second home."

Scott said he doesn't train his son, who begins class at 5 p.m., but instead he spends time "being a dad" and watching the class. An hour later, Scott instructs his own BJJ class, and after some personal training, the family returns home for some rest.

Scott said the motivation to constantly train and teach from 5 a.m. until after 8 p.m. almost every day comes from one source - his desire to protect and defend.

"I love my family, my nation and my community," said Scott. "Training myself, teaching MACP and BJJ, and helping the [NNPD] means I can keep people safe, and they can keep themselves safe."

Brown shared his belief in Scott's abilities and his impact on the community.

"What I've learned about martial arts in 20 years took [Scott] less than 5 years to accomplish in my eyes," said Brown. "I know his instruction, his passion and his commitment to training makes him the best teacher and defender we could ever have, and if someone doesn't believe me, I say can take off your shoes and step on the mat with Scott."