Feature | Sept. 7, 2006

Officers' Spouses' Club: Providing fun, resources, lifelong friendships

By Robin Henley Langley Officers' Spouses' Club

 White gloves. Hats. Pearls. Afternoon tea. These may be the first things you think of when you hear "Officers' Spouses' Club." And back in the 1950's those things were true. 

But the organization has changed with the times. 

Notice the name - Officers' Spouses' Club - not Officers' Wives' Club. Men are now a welcome and vital part of the club. Many of our members have part-time or full-time careers while balancing family responsibilities. 

Yet some things about the club haven't changed: We still raise funds for philanthropic causes, have social functions once a month and love for all our members to come when they can.   

We understand that not everyone can afford to have only one spouse working, so we schedule some of our activities in the evening to accommodate that need. 

For many, the OSC offers a convenient support group, possibly even more so during the many deployments of our active duty force. 

The Langley OSC is a vibrant mix of active-duty and retired spouses who provide an environment rich in heritage as well as new ideas. 

Our new president, Jennifer Cropper, is new to the Air Force, and new to OSC. She and her husband, Jim, married in 2004, but Jennifer remained in Colorado until May 2005. She joined the Langley OSC in November 2005. 

With a background in marketing, Jennifer is determined to reach more potential members, particularly those new to the Air Force. 

"Our members work hard, but it's also our intention to enjoy the time we have together and build lifelong friendships," she said. "We join together for two specific purposes. 

First, we help enrich the lives of all military families and the Hampton Roads community through our charitable endeavors. Second, we are here to support one another by providing a social atmosphere and fostering a sense of belonging for all our members. 

This year we have planned several fun, fresh and exciting activities that are not to be missed." 

Backed by a board of approximately 25 members, the OSC is working to change our old image and show people that we have embraced the 21st century. 

Special activities of the club have evolved over the years. We have groups that still play Bridge and Mahjong, but we also have relatively newer activities like bunko, scrapbooking and beaded jewelry making. And don't forget the book club, children's play group, Skylarks (our signature singing group), gourmet club, In Stitches, Adventurous Antiquarians, nine-hole golf and bowling. 

College scholarships to military dependents have been our primary philanthropic endeavor for several years. The last two years we have given out $10,000 each year to local high school seniors and spouses for their college educations. 

LOSC has also donated to numerous base and military affiliated charities. Langley OSC generally meets on the third Thursday of the month, September through May, at the Officers' Club. 

For details about our activities and purpose, visit www.langleyosc.org.