News | April 3, 2006

Contractor cleans up on base

Chugach Development Corporation

Reducing the amount of hazardous materials used on base is the top priority of the Langley Hazardous Materials Pharmacy.

Because the health and safety of base service members and employees can be threatened by the use of hazardous materials, Ashby Alexander, site manager of the HazMart Pharmacy, wants everyone to know it is each individual’s responsibility to reduce the amount of hazardous materials used on Air Force installations.

“Minimizing the use of hazardous materials can and will reap benefits in several areas,” said Mr. Alexander. “Fewer toxic hazardous chemicals mean reduced exposures; reduced time lost to training and less occupational safety, environmental, health, and fire prevention surveillance requirements.”

According to Mr. Alexander, most hazardous materials on base are used by maintenance personnel. While they need to keep these hazardous materials around to accomplish their missions, other units can turn in their hazardous materials when they do not need them. Units are only allowed to keep a 30-day supply of items such as paint or chemicals needed for shop-driven activities. The rest of the items should be turned into the HazMart’s free issue program, to decrease hazardous waste disposal cost and to allow other authorize users to have access to them.

Hazardous materials that can no longer be used for their intended purpose are considered hazardous waste, which is highly regulated by state, federal and Air Force regulations. Infractions of those regulations can result in fines of $32,500 per violation. Chugach Development Corporation also has the responsibility for ensuring hazardous material purchases are being tracked and that hazardous waste disposal is in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. The contractor picks up hazardous waste (not household), processes the required paperwork, and prepares it for shipment to a temporary storage and disposal facility.

Chugach will visit all initial accumulation points on base to help CEV ensure compliance with applicable state, federal and Air Force regulations.
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