News | April 20, 2006

Best in show

By Matthew R. Weir 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Even sitting still, Tech. Sgt. James “Bootcy” Coleman’s custom watermelon-candy-colored 2003 Yamaha YZF R1 screams fast. 

Its speed is highlighted by the picture sitting in front of the 1,000 cc motorcycle, which depicts the front wheel of Sergeant James’ motorcycle pulling off the ground, as he begins to run a quarter mile. 

“The fastest quarter mile I ever ran was at 142 mph,” he said. 

And he is also quick to point out that he would never ride like that on the street. The Nexx Dimenzion’s club motto is “Bring It to the Track.” 

“We never race on the street,” said Sergeant Coleman, who is also the club president. “We only race on sanctioned tracks, and all our riders have to take a drag class before they can race.” 

Sergeant Coleman’s story was just one of the interesting stories that riders swapped during the 1st Langley Motorcycle Riders Club bike show April 14. 

According to Master Sgt. Joseph Barton, LMRC president, 52 motorcycles entered the competition and another 20-25 riders brought their bikes by just for show. 

“The show promotes a number of things,” he said. “It brings together different riders to discuss riding, show off their bikes and show senior leadership the pride and care we put into our motorcycles.” 

More importantly, it makes older, more experienced riders seem more approachable to young Airmen who are setting out with their first bike. 

“It is hard for a leader who doesn’t ride to explain safety to a young Airman who does ride,” Sergeant Barton said. “I am a more credible source when it comes to talking motorcycle safety because they know I ride.” 

That is the exact case with Master Sgt. Dave Nelson. Standing beside his black 1993 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy with its deep blue flames, he tells the troops from his office about safety and his desire to ride. 

He said he always liked to ride and his first motorcycle was a 1988 Kawasaki Vulcan he bought while stationed in Germany. Since then, his passion for riding has only grown.
“Now I have young troops who want to ride,” he said. “It is easier to teach them about safety when they see me here with my motorcycle.” 

Editor’s note: The LMRC would like to thank Redline Performance, Casey Cycle City, Sunrise Cycles, AAFES, Muzzy’s Performance Products, Kawasaki Race Team, Tommy Hayden, Roger Hayden, Doug Chandler, Wayne Rainey, Komodo Gear, Area P and Hooters for sponsoring this event.
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