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Homes, sweet homes: New house construction, renovations underway at Bethel Manor

By Senior Airman Jason J. Brown 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The Landings at Langley at Bethel Manor and Jamestown Village are getting a major facelift, as new homes are under construction and existing homes are undergoing major renovations, part of a $350 million base housing project.

Nearly 900 new homes are being built at the base housing complex, located approximately four miles northwest of Langley Air Force Base. In addition, 45 existing "historic" homes are being renovated to expand floor space and eliminate infrastructure problems, including leaking roofs and flooding basements.

The older homes, which are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places, required consultation with the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office before they were gutted.

Contractors installed an extra 150 square feet of space per home, as well as added an additional bathroom in the upstairs level, bringing the houses up to current "whole house standards."

According to Richard Moynihan, the Langley AFB housing manager, the new homes will replace units that did not meet current whole house standards. Since a large portion of the area fell below the 100-year flood plain and was flood prone, the finished floor level of new homes is built above 12 inches.

Of the new homes, 648 units are designated for junior enlisted personnel, or E-1 through E-6. The remaining 241 new homes are reserved for senior NCOs. All renovated existing homes are reserved as SNCO housing.

The new homes are 30 percent larger than their predecessors, and include large laundry rooms, covered patios, an open design, and more. However, the SNCO homes are 15 percent larger than the junior enlisted homes, and feature two-car garages. The site features a pool, a 1,700 sq. ft. clubhouse and a 7,200 sq. ft. welcome center.

Sure to satisfy tenants, utilities, lawn care and renter's insurance are included in the tenant's basic allowance for housing, or BAH.

"All indications are that the new units are a hit, and occupancy is high," Moynihan said. "We expect to have the project complete in September 2014."
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