Government Shutdown Guidance


***This list is subject to change. Please contact services directly***

Military & Family Readiness (only Casualty, Emergency Relief and TAPS)

Education Center

Tuition Assistance (TA) must have been approved before 19 Jan/2400 *All others are not approved

Professional Military Education (PME)

Civilian Education (CLEPS/DANTES)

Langley School Liaison Office

Legal Assistance (except for deployers)

Library (Langley)

Library (Fort Eustis)

Shellbank Pool

Tickets and Tours (Fort Eustis)

Tickets and Tours (Langley)

U.S. Army Transportation Museum

Youth Sports Programs


***This list is subject to change. Please contact services directly***

Auto Hobby Shop (Langley)

Auto Shop (Fort Eustis)

Aquatics Center (Fort Eustis)

Bowling, Golf, Outdoor Rec (Fort Eustis)

Bowling, Golf, Bayview Commons, Outdoor Rec, Marina (Langley)

BX, Shoppette (Langley)

PX, Shoppette (Fort Eustis)

CDC (Langley)

CDC (Fort Eustis)

Commissary (planned to close Jan. 24)

Community Center (planned to close Jan. 24)

DFACs (Resolute/Warrior Cafe) (Fort Eustis)

DFACs (Crossbow/Raptor Café) (Langely)

Fitness Centers (Langley)

Fitness Centers (Fort Eustis)

First Term Airman’s Center

Fort Eustis Club

Lodging (Langley)

Lodging (Fort Eustis)

McDonald Army Health Center

Military Personnel Operations (MILPO) (Fort Eustis)

Military Personnel Section (CAC Cards) (Langley)

Parental Control

Post Office

USAF Hospital Langley

Retiree Activities Office

Satellite Pharmacy

School Age Program (SAP) (Fort Eustis)

School Age Program (SAP) (Langley)


WAPS Testing