JBLE-Langley Housing

ON-BASE PRIVATIZED HOUSING:  What is privatized housing? At JBLE-Langley, the base housing is privatized. They are owned by Hunt Military Communities in the Air Force Privatized Housing Grouped Project Barksdale/Langley/Bolling (BLB) Family Housing.  


If you have any questions regarding housing, Hunt waitlist coordinator's information is provided according to your category below.

Jr. NCO’s (E-1-E-6):

Phone: (757) 690-2241


Sr. NCO’s/Officers/Retirees/DoD:

Desk Phone: (757) 865-1330




The Rental Partnership Program aides military members in obtaining adequate housing in the community. The MHO/HSO and local landlords enter into agreements to offer service members special rental benefits above what other tenants receive. Benefits include a waiver of security deposit, no application fee, no credit check fee and a 5% discount on market rental rates. Contact the MHO/HSO for more information about this program. Upon your arrival, stop by the housing office in order for one of the counselors to verify your eligibility to participate in Rental Partnership Program (RPP).

Once the process is complete, you will be provided all information needed in order to be a participant.  The partnering apartment communities offers "military only” assigned to JBLE-Langley good deals which may reduce rent, waive security deposits, application fees, and credit checks in exchange for a signed lease and rent paid by allotment.

NOTE: If you are PCS’ing from overseas or from a hotspot in the U.S, you need to check with your Langley leadership to confirm if ROM is still required before visiting the gov’t offices.


BAH ENTITLEMENTS | Select which is applicable to you:    

  1. If you’re at JBLE-Langley in a TDY status, you might need to verify with your finance personnel whether you will need to provide them with a "non-availability" and/or a “Memo” from the dorm staff stating you are authorized BAH and per diem.
  2. E-5s and above will draw BAH based on your declared dependency status.

    BAH will start at the JBLE-Langley rate as soon as you file your travel voucher.
  3. ​​​​​​E-4s and below:
    1. Those with dependents established on their orders will draw BAH. BAH will start at the JBLE-Langley rate as soon as you file your travel voucher.
    2. E-4s with >3 years of service (with or without custodial dependents) will draw BAH.  However, you do have to follow the procedures for obtaining the entitlement.  Stop at the Consolidated Dorm Management Office (CDMO) located at 37 Cedar Ave, bldg. 123 to start the process.
    3. Those who are married to a military spouse (any branch):  Occupancy in the dorms and/or BAH entitlement is determined by installation assignment of each member.  DO NOT sign a lease prior to BAH acquisition.  Occupancy in the dorms may still be required.  Stop by CDMO or the Housing Referral office to determine eligibility.