1st Fighter Wing   1st Fighter Wing
The 1st Fighter Wing is responsible for one third of the Air Force's combat F-22 Raptors.  The wing's mission is to deliver F-22 air power worldwide on short notice to support Combatant Commander taskings.  In addition to operating and maintaining two F-22 Air Dominance squadrons, the wing also flies the T-38 as adversary air to increase training capability.  The maintainers of the 1st Fighter Wing set the standard for low observable and aircraft maintenance, both of which establish the unit as the most capable and combat ready F-22 wing in the Air Force.  The wing's 1,300 Airmen manage two airfields, more than 12,000 flying hours each year, and equipment and aircraft worth over $7 billion.  The 1st Fighter Wing leads the way in combat capability and lethality in current operations worldwide, and serves as America's premier Air Dominance wing, led by next generation Airmen, integrated with its mission partners, and ready to fly, fight, and win...anytime, anyplace.
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1st Fighter Wing Leadership
Col. Jason Hinds                  
Col. Jason Hinds
CMSgt. Johnny L. Harris
Command Chief
1st Fighter Wing Aircraft
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