Roundabout Construction at the Sweeney-Nealy-Hammond Intersection


By 2025, recent traffic studies show the traffic density at the Sweeney-Nealy-Hammond intersection is expected to nearly double during the peak AM and PM commute. Construction of a roundabout is planned for Langley Air Force Base beginning June 2022. This construction project will result in continuous traffic flow and prevent stop-go traffic along the Sweeney Avenue corridor as compared to the current traffic light control at the intersection.

JBLE Roundabout Construction Plan

Roundabout construction at the Sweeney-Nealy-Hammond Ave. intersection will begin the week of 13 June.  Base housing is closed to through traffic, however, detours are available via Cook and  Nealy Avenues, or via King Street Gate. To minimize traffic during peak hours, Langley personnel are encouraged to use the *NASA Langley Research Center’s Durand Gate.

DURRAND GATE | Monday – Friday
Inbound Traffic : 0600 to 0830
Outbound Traffic : 1600 to 1800

*A Department of  Defense (DoD) Common Access Card (CAC) is required by every member traversing through NASA entry control points. DOD Reserve/Retired identification cards are also accepted for the purposes of entering/exiting JBLE.

For inquiries, contact the Langley Roundabout Messaging System at (512) 508-9935. To submit inquiries, track progress, and find more information about the project, visit on your smart phone or personal browser.



Northbound Hammond and Westbound Sweeny cannot access Nealy from the Roundabout during Phase 2.

To reach Nealy, continue West on Sweeny and detour to the south using Maple or Elm.

June 2022 - Spring 2023

PHASE 2 | Phase 2: Traffic signal light is removed and construction begins on the north half of the roundabout

TRAFFIC IMPACT | Minimal through August as the existing traffic signal will remain operational.

  • Intersection will be closed Sat/Sun 29-30 Oct for the contractor to take down the light signal and poles; follow the detour signs
  • Drivers may begin using the southern half of the roundabout on Monday Oct 31 and Hammond Avenue reopens
  • However, no left turns onto Nealy from northbound Hammond nor from westbound Sweeney
  • From northbound Hammond and westbound Sweeney, to reach Nealy and the LaSalle Gate, continue west on Sweeney and detour to the south
  • Do not exceed 10 mph through the construction area to ensure construction worker safety.
  • Consider using the King Street and NASA Gates to reduce traffic volume though the construction site
  • Contractor will begin work 0900 daily after the AM rush hour