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Army announces changes to processing Soldiers’ personnel claims

Claims Branch Office of Command Judge Advocate


Promising faster claims processing and faster payment, the U.S. Army is launching an upgraded claims program called PCLAIMS Plus on July 5, 2017.

Instead of going to the local Military Claims Office to fill out a claim form, claimants will now file personnel claims online and electronically submit required documents.

Personnel claims include claims for loss or damage to household goods and privately owned vehicles during a permanent change of station shipment or while stored at government expense. They also include claims for loss or damage to Soldiers’ personal property located in government quarters or other authorized locations, caused by events such as storms, floods or power outages. Army civilian employees have limited eligibility for personnel claims.

Customers must have a common access card to access the PCLAIMS Plus portal. Those without a CAC, recently retired or separated personnel, will need customer support.

Along with the upgrade to PCLAIMS Plus, the other big change involves the source of MCO customer support in certain geographical areas. The MCO source will depend on where the customer is located:

• If the claimant is located in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Cuba or Puerto Rico, MCO customer support will be from a new office - the Center for Personnel Claims Support, at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Contact info is below. Because claims support staff has been removed from local legal offices, customers should seek personnel claims assistance from local legal offices only when directed by CPCS staff.

• If the claimant is overseas, including Korea or Germany, MCO customer support will continue from the local Staff Judge Advocate or Legal Office.

These changes do not affect current processes for claiming against the Transportation Service Provider.

The current Full Replacement Value program requires claimants to unpack and file Notice of Loss and Damage with the TSP within 75 days of delivery, and to complete a claim against the TSP within nine months of delivery. No later than two years after delivery, claimants unsatisfied with TSP offers for any claimed items should transfer all unsatisfied claimed items to an MCO, to CPCS if located in the CONUS locations, and to local legal offices if OCONUS. These timelines do not change.

The FRV program is explained in detail at www.move.mil or by local Transportation Offices.

If your move was booked through www.move.mil, any claim must be filed in that website against the TSP. When you hit the “Submit to MCO” button, it does not communicate with any MCO. That button simply signals the TSP that your claim with it is closed, and that you will begin another claim with an appropriate MCO for unsettled items.

Beginning July 5, all household goods claimants should proceed to file for all TSP-unsettled items in PCLAIMS Plus at http://www.JAGCNet.army.mil/Pclaims.

If you need customer support in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, Cuba or Puerto Rico, email usarmy.knox.hqda-otjag.mbx.cpcs@mail.mil or call the CPCS at 1-502-626-3000 or DSN 536-3000. Only in OCONUS should you contact your local legal office initially.

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