Watch Checklist
What Is a Hurricane Watch?
A Hurricane Watch is issued by the National Hurricane Center to ALERT specific regions or states that hurricane conditions pose a threat to a specified area within 36 hours. Monitor storm reports on radio and television closely. Implement your family plan. If evacuation has not already been recommended, consider leaving the area early to avoid long hours along congested and limited evacuation routes.
Portable Radio with Fresh Batteries
Your radio will be your most useful information source. This includes both your AM/FM and Weather Alert Radios. Have enough batteries to last several days. Electricity may not be available for days or weeks, if you choose to stay. Don't wait until the last minute to buy fresh
spare batteries. There will be a high demand and short supply of vital supplies shortly after a
hurricane watch is issued. 

Flashlights, Lanterns and Matches
Store matches in a waterproof container. Have lantern fuel in a safe container and location
adequate to last for several days, if you plan to stay. We do not recommend candles. Keep fire
safety in mind. If you had a fire, emergency response could be difficult or impossible! 

Full Tank of Gasoline
Never let your vehicle's gas tank be less than half-full during hurricane season. Fill up as soon as a hurricane watch is issued. Adequate fuel will be needed in the event of an evacuation. Remember...when electrical power fails, gas pumps will not work! 

Canned Goods and Non-Perishable Foods
Store packaged foods that can be prepared without cooking and need no refrigeration. Don't
forget a manual can opener! 

Containers for Drinking Water
Have clean, air-tight containers to store sufficient drinking water for several days. The local
water supply will probably be interrupted or contaminated.

Materials for Protecting Windows and Doors
Have shutters or lumber ready to protect large windows and doors. Be sure to include the necessary hardware and tools to securely cover windows and doors.

Source: Hampton Roads Emergency Management Committee