Trainee-Student Processing Center


Room 131

0730-1630 Monday - Friday

Supervisor    (757) 878-3220

Clerk              (757) 878-2872

Clerk              (757) 878-4431

Clerk              (757) 878-3124

Student Services is responsible for actions pertaining to Trainees and Students: Assigned HR Clerks maintain Soldier records and In and Out processing; DD 93 & SGLV updates; reassignment processing; family travel requests; PCS, MOS and Aviation Badge Orders; iPERMS document upload; DD 214 & 220. 

PCS Orders are only given to Unit HR Representatives.  Student Soldiers are Not allowed to pick up orders.

ALL Students are out-processed on day of graduation.  The Out-processing briefing does not start until ALL Students are present.

Family Travel Processing

All family members eligible to accompany Soldiers to his/her overseas location must be medically screened at an Army Medical Facility to determine if any exceptional Family member medical and/or educational needs exist.