Operational Medical Clinic FAQ

To our Langley patients:

The 633d Medical Group at Joint Base Langley-Eustis is launching an exciting initiative across its primary care clinics that provide healthcare to adults.  On 14 January 2019, there will be a new primary care clinic called the Operational Medicine Clinic (OMC). This clinic provides care to non-flyer uniformed members only, and all non-flyer uniformed members will be enrolled to the OMC by squadron/unit.  Some patients may be notified of a PCM change, and the next time you come to the hospital, you may notice your primary care clinic has been relocated.  See the FAQs below for additional details, and the 633d Medical Group is happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding these changes.

1)      What is the purpose of this new clinic? 

The Operational Medical Clinic is designed to increase the readiness of our fighting forces by improving access to care for all assigned non-flyer uniformed members.  Enrollment by squadron or unit will allow the Operational Medicine Clinic PCMs to better understand and manage the occupational needs and challenges of the active duty population. Regular care coordination meetings and unit visits will help return and keep Airmen at full operational capability. It also better aligns Langley Hospital with the Defense Health Agency and National Defense Strategy. Note that active duty flyers will continue to be seen in the flight medicine clinic and should not expect a PCM change.

2)      Will the Operational Medical Clinic only consist of primary care?

Yes, specialty care patients will still be seen in the respective clinics – dental, optometry, women’s health, etc.  

3)      Should active duty members, retirees and dependents expect their PCM to change?

Yes.   Some PCM assignments will need to change in order to realign active duty enrollments.  You will be notified if your PCM is changing/has changed.

4)      If I am active duty and want to request a different PCM, am I authorized to do so?  

Active duty requests to change PCMs must be made through Humana, will be by exception only, and will be approved by the Operational Medicine Clinic medical director. 

5)      Will all active duty members be seen in the Operational Medical Clinic?  

All uniformed members currently enrolled at the 633d Medical Group will be seen in the Operational Medicine Clinic for primary care needs.  The OMC will be located in the former Internal Medicine Clinic, in the hospital’s West Wing, first floor, near the Emergency Department.

6)      How else will the new clinic effect dependents and retirees?    

Other than possible PCM changes, retirees and dependents should not notice any changes in the delivery of health care in the Family Health Clinic.  Patients enrolled to Internal Medicine Clinic, however, will receive care at a different location in the MTF.  The new location for the Internal Medicine Clinic will be adjacent to the current Family Health Clinic.

7)      With this new clinic, will Langley Hospital be able to see the same number of patients?   

Yes.   We will have the same total number of PCMs delivering care. However, by restructuring active duty care and beneficiary care into separate clinics, it is expected that each clinic will have more efficient operations.

8)      If I live or work closer to or on Naval Medical Center Portsmouth or Fort Eustis, will I still be able to receive care at those locations?  

For uniformed members, this will depend on your UIC (Unit Identification Code).  As a general rule, uniformed members receive care on the same installation at which they work.  Non-uniformed beneficiaries will still be able to choose the location of their PCM.

9)      Does this affect McDonald Army Health Clinic?